Blow By Blow Review

Blow By Blow contains expert tips on how to give mind-blowing blowjobs. Many many men actually enjoy fellatio (a blowjob) much more than they enjoy intercourse.  But Why? Learning why a man loves fellatio so much is the very foundation of learning the art of keeping your partner satisfied with fellatio and you might even make him squeal and grab the covers (or your head!).

The Good

Blow By Blow doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to educating about blowjobs, and this excellent guide leaves little to be desired. After reading Blow By Blow in its entirety, you will find that not only are your questions answered, but you know more about giving great head than you ever thought imaginable! Easy to read and understand, this guide is a great buy for anyone. Although it has a few drawbacks, overall, this product goes above and beyond.

The Bad

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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Yes, most “how to” manuals about sex tend to include explicit information and rightly so. However, there are some instances where it is truly a case of “TMI!” One of the very first sections in Blow By Blow is about ejaculation and where it should go. While this is invetably a conversation that you and your partner should have about fellatio before you engage in it, some of the text within this section is not for the squeamish. If the idea of semen grosses you out AT ALL, skip this section.

The Bottom Line

If you want to learn how to give a great blowjob, Blow By Blow is probably the only book you’ll need. It’s a comprehenseive guide that includes everything from male anatomy to tips and techniques. Michael Webb, author of Blow By Blow, has produced a well written and easy to understand manual for everything relating to blowjobs and more. A great investment for those who have never given a blowjob before or those who just want to brush up on their head-giving skills. Plus, Michael includes lots of great bonus guides too, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth here.

The Full Blow By Blow Review

A blowjob is something guys absolutely love and if you want to give your man real pleasure, learning how to give a great blowjob is a must on your skills list. After beginning Blow By Blow with a very explicit section on ejaculate and where it goes during a blowjob (skip if you’re squeamish), Michael delves right into an excerpt for the guys whose ladies purchased this book. The one and only tip he has for the men? Don’t put your hands on her head unless she puts them there first. A very good tip indeed! Other than that, the guys can sit back and relax while their girls learn how to give great head.

An appropriate section on sexually transmitted diseases is next. While monogamous couples who are STD free can probably skip this section, women who have multiple sex partners will definitely want to read this. Michael breaks down the different STD’s and how they are transmitted. For example, HIV is transmitted in a completely different way than Hepatitis A. It’s nice to finally understand the specifics about sexually transmitted diseases, because what you can get from giving (and receiving) oral sex has always been a bit murky. Of course, Michael urges you to play it safe if you’re ever unsure.

The male anatomy section is a bit overdone, and only women who have never seen a penis before will be interested in this section. It is, however, useful for learning the different areas of the penis that are more sensitive than others. Michael also gives some great information on how other parts of a man’s body, such as his stomach, scalp, chest and buttocks can be stimulated before or during a fellatio session to give your partner even more pleasure.

Perhaps one of the better sections in Blow By Blow – quite unexpectedly, actually – is the section on male hygiene. A problem that many women have with giving their partners oral sex is that he either is too hairy down there or just doesn’t smell that great. This guide tackles this issue head on, giving you tips and techniques to help your guy get cleaned up and make oral sex even better for you.

Now, the fun is about to start. Diving straight into how to turn a man on before giving him fellatio, Michael gives us a somewhat brief but extremely informative section on foreplay for guys. He’ll teach you what you need to visually turn your partner on – because naturally, men are visual creatures – and the number one mistake you don’t want to make when giving your partner a blowjob. Michael then gets down to business with actual fellatio techniques, and they definitely won’t dissapoint.

One of the best things about this guide is that the tips are easy to distinguish from one another (it’s not just a crazy long list of technique after technique) and each tip gives you step by step instructions on how to perform it. Many of the tips actually include a “why you’re doing this or doing it this way and not that way” for women who want to understand what the reasons are behind a particular technique or action.

The Advanced Technique section are where some of the best tips are, however, it is possible to give your man a great blowjob by simply using the “beginner’s” techniques. While you may be anxious to convince your partner that you’re an oral sex goddess by using every trick you learn in the guide, do yourself a favor and master one or two really good techniques at a time. Save the advanced techniques to be used “every now and again” so that you’ll always have something at least somewhat new to offer your partner when you go down on him.

Last, Michael finally gets to the bottom of what really makes a blowjob great. No, you’re not going to read it here! At the end of Blow By Blow, there is ONE single tip that you can use EVERY time you give your partner a blowjob to make it amazing, no matter what techniques you use. It’s a simple tip, but a very, very powerful one. Don’t underestimate it! Get the guide to find out what it is!

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