Blow His Mind Tonight Review

If you want to learn oral sex, Blow His Mind Tonight will teach any woman the skills she needs to give her man the most amazing oral sex he’s ever had! This manual is written for all women who want to explore oral and manual sexual stimulation – from those who are just trying it for the first time to those who have been giving head for a while, but feel they are missing out on the real benefits and nuances. It will give you clear, simple instructions on improving your techniques in both oral sex and manual sex.

The Good

Blow His Mind Tonight is chock full of excellent tips and techniques you can use to please your partner tonight, as well as techniques that you can learn to make you better at oral and manual sex overall. Whether you want to learn mouth exercises that will prime your tongue and lips to give the ultimate pleasure, or you’re an oral sex pro who wants to take it a step further, Blow His Mind Tonight will give you the information you need and much, much more.

The Bad

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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Women who want to get straight to the point may find the introduction to correct tongue placement and mouth exercises a little bland, but the book is easy enough to navigate through and find what you want to know when you want to know it. Blow His Mind Tonight is a very technique specific book, so if you’re looking for more of a basic manual, you’re not going to find it here.

The Bottom Line

If you want to not only learn how to give a man oral sex and manual sex but also how to get better and better at it, the Blow His Mind Tonight is a great resource full of information you can actually use.

The Full Blow His Mind Tonight Review

Oral sex for a man can be difficult if you’re not sure what to do. The first several – several – pages are devoted specifically to tongue and mouth exercises, but Jessica Perez, the author of Blow His Mind Tonight, gives plenty of detailed instructions so you’ll know you’re doing the exercises right. Although you’ll be very tempted to jump the gun and get to the actual oral sex techniques, try to resist the urge to do so. Just like Kegels, tongue and mouth exercises will do wonders to improve your muscle tone and your ability to give pleasure through contracting and relaxing your mouth and tongue muscles. Even if you’re a seasoned pro at oral sex, regularly exercising your mouth will make you just that much better at it!

Next is a detailed section on oral, vaginal, penile and overall hygiene. Let’s face it – one of the biggest complaints women have about oral sex is that he doesn’t smell or taste very good down there. Jessica teaches you how to clean up before having sex, so everything smells and tastes just dandy.

The real meat of Blow His Mind Tonight is right smack in the middle, where Jessica goes into great detail to teach women how to get started, how to keep going and how to finish him up. She recognizes what makes men tick, and relays that information in an easy to understand way. She touches on many different aspects on how men receive pleasure, and teaches women how to use that to their advantage when giving their partners blowjobs for the first or five hundredth time.

Blow His Mind Tonight then moves into the handjob foray, giving women step by step instructions on the techniques that will drive their men wild. Who knew that there were so many different ways of giving a handjob? After you start employing the techniques found here, your man may never want to masturbate with his own hand again.

Of course, this book wouldn’t be complete without some step by step techniques on oral sex, and if you were looking for an arsenal of different moves, Jessica won’t leave you empty handed. She includes ways to keep yourself comfortable so you can see oral sex through to the end, and even discusses how to discreetly handle his finish. You’ll find that both the beginner and advanced techniques are easy enough to do, and you’ll be surprised at just how simple giving great oral sex can be when you’ve got an armload full of techniques to use.

For premature ejaculators, there is a section for him to read that gives him information on how to build up stamina and last longer in the bedroom. Jessica also gives you tricks you can use with different foods, including frozen blueberries, peppermints and hot tea to make giving oral sex even better for both you and him.

Along with the incredible Blow His Mind Tonight book, you’ll also get some special extras, which really add to the book’s value.

Top 25 Female Orgasm Tips, Tricks & Techniques

This bonus book is an excellent companion to Blow His Mind Tonight. Let your man read this and soon he’ll learn how to find the g-spot (known as the “female orgasm button,” as well as awesome g-spot sex positions, advanced fingering tips and more. If you’re going to give HIM great orgasms, he should do the same for you!

Top 10 Secrets To Enhance Your Love, Intimacy & Happiness In Your Relationship

No relationship will survive on just great sex alone, although it is certainly icing on the cake. Jessica realizes that intimacy and happiness is just as important as awesome oral sex, and includes a companion book for secrets on how to really get close to your partner. The real gem here in this book is the secret tip on how to get a passive man to take the lead and become the alpha male!

Top 10 Secrets To Attract, Catch & Keep A Man… Have The Relationship That YOU Want

If you’re not in a relationship, you’ll find this book extremely useful! Jessica gives you 10 simple yet powerful secrets on how to attract AND keep a man! You can use these tips on all men, and they’re especially effective for men who are distant emotionally or very withdrawn. Get them out of their shell and into a great relationship – with YOU!

Love Signs: Astrology & Love Advice For Women

No, this is not your typical love astrology book. Most couples who are together haven’t even paid attention to their love signs, let alone whether they were a “match” before they got together. However, these signs play an important part in your relationship and this book will explain to you why. It also includes some secrets on how to be happy with your partner, even if your signs are incompatible!

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