Get The 10 Review

Get The 10 is a video series specifically created to help men build enough confidence and dating skills to raise the bar a little bit, but the tips and techniques the coaches go over can be applied to any dating scenario. A great deal of different topics are covered, from improving your confidence to planning a date to getting a girl to kiss you to giving her an incredible orgasm when you finally do get her into bed with you. No stone is left unturned!

The Good

Get The 10 is exceptionally well done, especially when compared to other video style dating (and sex) guides. The audio is clear and easy to hear (although there is a bit of an echo, however it is easy to ignore) and the video is also done well – it’s not blurry, the camera doesn’t move around, and the picture is crisp and clear.

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This lends a hand to the overall professional feel of the video instruction series, because frankly, no one is going to stick around and watch some guy talk about dating if it looks like he’s just jabbering into his webcam – which is definitely not the case here! The topics covered are extremely relevant to getting and dating a really hot girl, such as how to become confident in yourself and approach women confidently and once you get the phone number, what kind of date to plan if you want to be successful. While it would be nice to be able to read some of this information as opposed to having to listen to all of it, that doesn’t decrease its value one bit.

The Bad

As far as video series’ go, Get The 10 is actually very good. The filmography, the audio and the video are done very well. However, the information is only presented in a video format, which really is the main caveat here. Some men don’t process information through their auditory senses well, meaning that they’re going to have trouble understanding the information. Other men don’t learn well through visual stimuli, so this video series will be perfect for them.

Bradshaw would do well to create a companion guide with the same information so men who want to read the information can, or if they want to read along with the video they can. Another issue with only having video as opposed to having both video and book formats is that it becomes somewhat difficult to quickly reference back to what you’ve viewed already. Module 6 does have a companion PDF, but the entire series could use one as well.

The Bottom Line

While Get The 10 is specifically marketed towards dating really hot girls, it can actually be used to sharpen your game when dating any girl. Of course, you want to strive high, but don’t be discouraged if you feel like a “10” is out of your league. Bradshaw discusses how to improve yourself so that you’re a 10 as well, but that’s not the point here.

The material is very well suited to apply to any dating scenario, meaning this video series is helpful for just about any guy who wants to build his confidence and date any girl he wants. The all video instruction format isn’t something you can sit down and watch in one fell swoop (although some guys might be able to) but   you’ll definitely enjoy having what seems like a real life personal dating coach walking you through what to do step by step.

The Full Get The 10 Review

Good dating tips that can be used in any scenario are pretty difficult to come by, considering that most dating “gurus” pass out dating tips that can only be used in the scenarios they’re suggesting. Many men who spend a lot of time and effort researching dating tips end up disappointed when they go to put them into action, because the “right time and place” for these techniques just doesn’t come up all that often.

Enter Get The 10. A high quality video series that teaches men how to become confident enough to raise the bar and date the women of their dreams reveals dating tips that can be used pretty much any time and anywhere, with any girl.

What is really great about Get The 10 is that you don’t have to download any videos to your hard drive – everything is served up after your login, so you can watch the videos from your laptop, your home computer, your mobile phone – wherever you want! You get immediate access to the videos once you sign up (no waiting is a huge plus!) and new videos are added weekly so you can continue learning.

Bradshaw realizes that improving your dating game is a continual process – it’s not something that you can learn overnight. Be prepared to watch and watch again if you really want the information to stick. While this program is super easy to use, you’re not going to get everything out of it that you need to if you just watch a few clips a few times. Get The 10 is about bettering yourself and becoming confident and that’s not something that happens right away! Use this tool to your advantage, but be willing to put the time in to learn as much as you can from these great videos.

How to make yourself a “10” is the first thing you’ll learn, and then you’ll learn the art of approaching women and where to go if you want to meet the hottest ones. You’ll also learn how flirt to get a woman chasing you (instead of the other way around) and how to get her to kiss you! You’ll then get shown the perfect date under $30 (this will surprise you!) and how to up the physical connection between you and a girl. Not to mention the bonus videos on how to give a girl an orgasm and how to have a threesome! The topics in Get The 10 are incredibly relevant and useful, unlike many outdated dating tips out there.

If you’ve been looking for a video series that will teach you how to get your game on, Get The 10 is an excellent choice!

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