Dirty Talk Secrets Review

Dirty Talk Secrets is a complete guide to learning how to talk dirty in the bedroom. Dirty talk is a great way to spice up your sex life! Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable with dirty talk or aren’t sure how to get started. Dirty Talk Secrets is a comprehensive guide on how to get started with talking dirty in the bedroom and also has tips on how to take it to the next level once you’ve passed the beginning stages.

The Good

Michael Webb, author of Dirty Talk Secrets, gives us yet another amazing guide to add satisfaction and sexiness to sex lives that are lacking heat. Not only does Michael tell us why dirty talk can be incredibly exciting in the bedroom, he gives us specific examples of what kinds of things to say to get started. This book is great for both couples that are new to dirty talk or couples who already love talking dirty to each other in the bedroom and want to take it up a notch or two.

The Bad

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The introduction is a bit long, and those who want to get straight to the “dirty talk” may be tempted to skip ahead. Don’t, however, because the introduction contains a few jewels of knowledge, especially for couples who consider dirty talk to be “sinful” or wrong. While the beginning of the book is definitely worth reading, you may want to go back and read it after you’ve sunk your teeth into a few dirty talk tips. Don’t jump into bed without reading the intro though! The section on trust and communication is a must read before employing any of Michael’s dirty talk secrets.

The Bottom Line

Dirty Talk Secrets is a complete guide to learning how to talk dirty in the bedroom, why dirty talk can enhance your sex life and how to watch out for the ways that dirty talk can actually hurt you or your partner. If you want to start learning how to talk dirty in the bedroom, Dirty Talk Secrets is most likely the only guide you’ll really need.

The Full Dirty Talk Secrets Review

Michael opens the book with information on why dirty talk can really enhance your sex life, but he also gives a word of warning as well. Dirty talk, when not used properly, can actually offend and hurt your partner. Dirty Talk Secrets encourages you to explore the realm of salacious words in the bedroom, but with open communication and trust between you and your partner. While all couples and even singles can get quite a bit out of this book, it is definitely intended for married couples or those who have been in a long term relationship with each other for some time.

Included in the book are a few “case studies” or stories about couples who have used dirty talk to their advantage and have taken their sex life from boring to fun almost immediately. While these stories may not be absolutely necessary in a “how to” guide like this, it certainly is interesting and even endearing to read about other couples that are very similar to the rest of us in their sexual needs, likes and dislikes.

Probably one of the most powerful things about Dirty Talk Secrets is that Michael not only tells you why talking dirty can be such a turn on for you and your partner, he also tells you WHAT to say and HOW to say it. Couples who are very shy and have a difficult time thinking up what to say in the bedroom by themselves will appreciate Michael’s efforts here. While you may not want to call your partner’s member a “mushroom of immortality” as suggested in the Asian/Poetic section, there are plenty of other excellent examples on what you can say to get started.

Of course, Dirty Talk Secrets wouldn’t be complete without a section on hardcore dirty talking and Michael certainly doesn’t disappoint here. You’ll learn tons of phrases so sexy, so dirty and so naughty that we can’t even put them in the review! Of course, these tips are definitely for more advanced dirty talkers, so start small if you’ve never done it before and work your way up.

Not only does Michael give lots of phrases that can be used in the bedroom, he lists hundreds of different words that you can mix and match to create your own dirty talk phrases. Some of the words you may not want to use (Man-Ranch Dressing, anyone?) however, the majority of these words will give you excellent ideas on what next to say to your partner in the bedroom. Also included is a list of sexy songs that you can play to get your partner in the mood!

Of course, what download wouldn’t be complete without bonus materials? Michael doesn’t let us down here either, and gives us three amazing bonus manuals that are almost as good as Dirty Talk Secrets itself!

53 Sexy Coupons

Enhance your sex life even further by giving your partner sexy coupons for anniversaries, birthdays or just because. Some of the coupons are very romantic, and others are so sexy they’ll blow your partner away. It’s the perfect complement to dirty talk in the bedroom. Also, once the coupons are gone, you’ll have introduced tons of new ideas into your sex life that you can try again and again.

101 Romantic Ideas

Being romantic with your partner both in and out of the bedroom is just as important as learning how to talk dirty and turn them on. Michael includes his amazing manual of romantic ideas, with fun yet inexpensive (or totally free) ways to let your partner know they’re special to you. Forget buying flowers or taking them out to dinner. 101 Romantic Ideas gives you new and better ideas to make your partner feel like they’re your number one – because they are!

How To Give Your Partner Great Massages

Everyone knows that a massage is a great prelude to sex, especially for a woman. Instead of giving your partner what you think is a great massage, use this book to actually learn how to give a great massage! Before you start talking dirty in the bedroom, give your partner a sexy, titillating massage to help them relax and open up to pleasure.

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