Dirty Talk Tips: What She Wants Review

Dirty Talk Tips: What She Wants is a digital guide to talking nasty in the bedroom. A lot of guys think that girls don’t want to hear naughty things during sex, but they are dead wrong! Women LOVE dirty talk – they love to hear it and they love to say it. With this guide, you’ll learn how to sweet talk her or how to unleash her inner sex goddess by just using words!

The Good

This is a great beginner’s guide to talking dirty in the bedroom. Dirty Talk Tips: What She Wants covers everything from the basics of doing it, why women like it and how it can improve your sex life. It also gives several great examples of actual phrases you can use on your own, ranging from tame to scorching hot. This guide is written by a woman, so there’s no guessing about what women REALLY want to hear. The last chapter of the guide also includes different ways to use dirty talk, such as in emails, text messages, phone sex and webcamming so that you can take what you’ve learned to the next level.

The Bad

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It takes awhile to get to the actual examples of dirty talk. The beginning of the book goes into the basics of talking dirty, such as what it is and why it’s effective. Men looking for advanced suggestions are going to want to skip ahead. There are just four pages of real examples, but there are different versions of each example that you can use depending on whether you want to be naughty or nice.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Dirty Talk Tips: What She Wants is an excellent guide for men who have little to no experience with talking dirty to a woman as part of foreplay or during sex. Newbies will appreciate the in-depth introduction to the concept of dirty talk, while guys who are experienced in this area might get bored. The actual examples are top notch though – not the kind you’d feel corny saying out loud to your partner. No, “Stuff your man sausage in my love hole” here.

The Full Dirty Talk Tips: What She Wants Review

Dirty Talk Tips: What She Wants is an actual guide to dirty talk that was written by a woman for men. It’s intended to teach men how to say the right things to a woman during sex to get her begging for more. Guys don’t have to guess anymore about what a woman likes to hear in the bedroom, because this book lays it all out there for them in plain view. Well written and easy to understand, guys will appreciate that this guide doesn’t miss a thing.

Beginners and men who are new to this area of sex will enjoy the book’s lengthy introduction to the concept of talking dirty, while others are going to be tempted to skip right over the “basics” section. Some things you might find helpful if you’re new to talking sexy are:

  • Why you should even bother with dirty talk
  • What dirty talk really is
  • When you can – and should – use it
  • How to be comfortable when doing it

The next chapter in this guide continues on the path of starting things off slowly and teaches men how to get a woman primed for dirty talk even before they open their mouths. Women aren’t going to respond well if a guy just blurts something “sexy” out without setting the right mood first.

Probably the biggest reason men fail at talking dirty to their lovers is they fail to read their partner first to tell how they want to be spoken to. For example, not every girl is going to like XXX-rated talk. Some like it a little sweeter – and many men make the mistake of saying the wrong thing to the wrong kind of girl. Fortunately, this guide goes into detail about how to tell the difference between a woman who likes to hear sweet nothings and a woman who likes to hear all kinds of nasty things.

The best part of the book – four pages of nothing but actual dirty talk examples – illustrates the difference between sweet things and not-so-nice (but totally hot!) things you can say in the bedroom. Each example has three different “takes” on the same phrase – something that might be safe to say to any kind of woman, along with a sweeter version and a version that is a little more intense. So few guides out there give examples, and even fewer give you the different kinds of examples that this guide does. The actual examples are probably the best take -away here.

A short section on names to call your girl in the bedroom leaves a lot to be desired (some are cute, others are just plain offensive), so you may want to either come up with your own name to call her or forgo calling her anything at all. However, the guide does differentiate between talk that is nasty in a good way and what is considered downright rude or upsetting. This distinction is going to come in handy for a lot of guys who just aren’t sure where that line needs to be drawn.

No dirty talk guide is complete without something to let you know that you’re actually doing it right, and this one doesn’t disappoint. You’ll learn how to interpret her verbal and non-verbal cues to determine whether you’re hitting the jackpot or not.

You’ll also learn how to turn compliments into dirty talk – because what girl doesn’t love to hear a sexy compliment about herself – and you’ll learn how to use your new sex skills in other ways, including emails, text messages, phone sex and more. And like any valuable e-book, you get lots of bonus materials with the download of this guide, including:

  • How To Have Sizzling Phone Sex
  • The Fine Art Of Seduction
  • How To Make Any Woman Orgasm
  • Top 100 Sex Secrets
  • Pillow Talk 101
  • 101 Romantic Ideas
  • Classic Kama Sutra
  • 7 Simple Ways To Get Your Ex Back

With Dirty Talk Tips: What She Wants, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth – in fact, you’re getting a lot more. Beginners will benefit the most from this guide, however, there are still lots of things that advanced dirty talkers can use as well. Between this complete dirty talk guide and all the extras that are included in the package, any guy will be able to turn a woman on with just a few simple words!

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