Double Her Desire Review

If your sex life is in a rut, Double Her Desire is an incredibly useful guide for getting your sex life back on track so both you and your lover can experience the level sexual intimacy and satisfaction that you were meant to. While guys who are looking to simply become a better lover can definitely make use of some of the tips and techniques in Double Her Desire, this guide is really going to be handy for men who are in serious, monogamous relationships and want to not only increase their lover’s sexual attraction towards them but also enrich their relationship.

The Good

As all of Gabrielle Moore’s books are, Double Her Desire is well organized and easy to read. This is important when looking for an information guide, because many times people tend to skim over headlines and choose the information they want, or they will want to quickly reference back to something once they’ve read the whole thing. With Double Her Desire, it is easy to do both. There is plenty of information covered here, and men who read and study this guide thoroughly will walk away with better skills and an increased understanding about women and their sexual needs as well as the needs of a woman within a long term, serious relationship.

The Bad

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Double Her Desire is not quite as visually intriguing or as interactive as Gabrielle’s book Turn Her On Faster. There aren’t any quizzes or interactive questions, however, the information is still presented in a clear and concise manner. There is more on understanding female desire and how important communication is when seducing a woman than there is on techniques – this does, in essence, make it the perfect complement to Turn Her On Faster because Double Her Desire makes up for what Turn Her On Faster lacks and vice versa.

The Bottom Line

Double Her Desire is an excellent guide on how female desire works, and how a man can use certain techniques to his advantage to increase his partner’s sexual feelings towards him. While this guide will give you some excellent pointers and definitely steer you in the right direction when it comes to becoming a master of creating female sexual desire, it’s a better complement to Turn Her On Faster – another guide by Gabrielle Moore that goes more in detail about seduction and foreplay. If you truly want to know all there is to know about how to turn a woman on and get her so horny you have to change the sheets afterwards, get your copy of Double Her Desire and Turn Her On Faster TODAY!

The Full Double Her Desire Review

What You’ll Learn In Double Her Desire:

  • The many reasons women lose interest in sex – does your partner fall into one of these categories?
  • How sexual desire differs between men and women
  • How and why ALL relationship problems will eventually end up in the bedroom
  • How to deal with a woman that has a negative body image
  • How to beat your lover’s feelings of sexual inadequacy
  • What to do about painful sex, vaginal dryness and low testosterone levels
  • The four stages of female arousal
  • How the female genitalia actually works

Module 1: Understanding Female Arousal

There are three modules in Double Her Desire, each one with it’s own specific agenda. The first module covers female arousal in depth, from why sex was great in the beginning of your relationship to what caused your lover to lose interest in having sex with you to how to create an afterglow after sex instead of resentment. Some men may be tempted to skip this section to get right to the tips and techniques, but there is lots of useful information in the first module that will help you know how and when to apply the techniques you learn later in the course.

Module 2: Communication

The second module focuses almost solely on communication and its importance in a relationship. This is again, a module that many guys are going to want to skip (who wants to learn about communication when you’re trying to learn how to use foreplay tips to your partner so hot she’s begging for you?) but you really, really shouldn’t. Women communicate much more than men, and if a guy really wants to get his partner turned on, he’s going to have to do things her way. Which means learning how to communicate. Great communication will make a woman feel much more sensitive and loving towards her partner, especially when her emotional needs are being met. This leads to almost instant arousal later!

Module 3: Techniques

Yes, the third and final module is where you’ll find all of your deliciously naughty, wetness inducing techniques. Don’t skip ahead to this module! Go through modules 1 and 2 first, and when you get to the 3rd one, you’ll be ready to apply the techniques you’re going to learn. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The five hottest, most desired sex positions
  • Ten oral sex tips to make her quiver
  • Common foreplay mistakes that all men make but YOU will avoid
  • How to overcome performance problems

Bonus Guide: Shower Sex Games

Also included in the Double Her Desire package is the bonus guide Shower Sex Games. This little book is an excellent companion to your new found skills in the sack, because eventually, you’re going to want to take sex out of the bedroom and get a little more exciting! The shower is the next best place to go, because what is better than seeing your lover slippery, wet, soapy and naked?

The three games in this fun and exciting bonus guide will get you thinking about the many different ways you can get creative with wet n’ wild shower sex!

Double Her Desire is a great information package for men who want to become masters at arousing their female partners, but this guide is an even better complement to Gabrielle’s Turn Her On Faster guide.

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