Ejaculation By Command Review

Ejaculation By Command exists to help the 20-40% of men who climax too early during sex. A quick orgasm means several things – sex doesn’t last as long and it isn’t as enjoyable, you can’t connect intimately with your partner if you’re only having sex for a few minutes and you certainly can’t give your partner great orgasms if you don’t last long enough in bed. Ejaculation By Command promises to fix all that – it will teach you how to control your orgasm so you can climax when you WANT to!

The Good

A complete guide on what premature ejaculation is, the myths surrounding PE and how you can overcome it for good. Men who really want to figure out what PE is and learn how to get rid of it completely will appreciate the thoroughness of Ejaculation By Command. There’s really no stone left unturned here, whether it’s discussing the basics or talking about techniques. An audio supplement to the guide makes for easy listening for those who have difficulty reading or simply want to listen rather than read!

The Bad

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The wealth of information contained in this guide may intimidate some men, but it’s worth wading through because truly understanding PE is part of getting rid of it forever. These are NOT “overnight” techniques that will cure you immediately – although there is a companion guide that gives you several techniques you can use in a pinch. However, learning a few tricks isn’t going to help you in the long run – which is why while the Ejaculation By Command guide is lengthy, it’s totally worth it.

The Bottom Line

Ejaculation By Command is an excellent, thorough guide for men that want to learn how to control their orgasm and last longer in bed. The information is plentiful and may take awhile to go through, but it’s well worth the read!

The Full Ejaculation By Command Review

Premature ejaculation can be overcome if you first understand it. Why does it happen? Who does it happen to? Can it really be cured, or will you have to live with it forever? Lloyd Lester, author of Ejaculation By Command, answers these all important questions and more.

Men who truly want to learn how to overcome premature ejaculation will really enjoy this approach, because it covers all the bases from beginning to end. He also points out common misconceptions about premature ejaculation. Debunking the myths surrounding PE is another important step in truly getting past it.

Techniques For Controlling Orgasm

After a lengthy introduction, Lloyd to jumps right into sex techniques, which is what most men with PE are chomping at the bit to learn. You may be tempted to skip the intro, but the beginning chapters are packed with information that is essential in understanding PE. However, once you get to the really good stuff, there’s no shortage of exercises for men who want to train their body to perform better, from PC muscle exercises to exercises with a partner.

Ejaculation By Command offers plenty of pictures and easy to read diagrams to help men visually see the different phases of orgasm and how they can learn to control themselves during the stages of climax. As you read through the chapters in Ejaculation By Command, you’ll learn how to relax your mind and body so you can please your partner before you orgasm.

Why This Guide Is So Much Better Than Others Out There

There are numerous guides out there claiming to teach men how to control their orgasm and get rid of PE forever. Problem is, many of them fail to actually deliver on this claim. Ejaculation By Command is one of the best guides out there – simply because Lloyd favors STEP BY STEP instruction to teach you how to become the master of your own orgasm, instead of letting your climax control you.

After reading Ejaculation By Command in its entirety, men who actually plan on implementing the steps that Lloyd outlines (and any man who suffers from PE should) will have plenty to do! From exercises that will strengthen your body and improve the control you have over your climax to changing your diet to improve your sexual stamina, you’ll find everything you need in this book to say goodbye to premature ejaculation forever!

With Ejaculation By Command, you’ll also get several bonus guides that will help you improve your sex life once you’re able to last long enough to actually have great sex!

Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

If you suffer from PE, you’re definitely going to want to read the entire Ejaculation By Command guide – but sometimes men want a quick fix, especially if they plan on getting laid tonight. This bonus guide offers several tactics that you can use tonight to last longer!

Raunchy Sex Secrets: Transforming Your Life In Wickedly Sensuous Ways

This guide is a little basic, and the suggestions aren’t as raunchy as the title suggests. Those looking for the really dirty stuff aren’t going to find it in here. The suggestions, however, are still great and more inexperienced folks will enjoy trying out some different things.

Female Orgasm Secrets: How To Give Women Insanely Powerful Orgasms

Learn the basics of female orgasms and how they work, as well as specific techniques you can use to give her incredible, earth shattering orgasms. A perfect follow up guide for men that have read and employed the techniques in Ejaculation By Command and want to focus on their partner’s pleasure.

Top 10 Sex Positions

Learn 10 new sex positions, from the sensually sweet to the dirty and dominating. Illustrated with excellent photography featuring gorgeous girls Eva Angelina and Madelyn Marie. Fun to look at, even more fun to try on your own!

101 Romantic Ideas by Michael Webb

You’re never going to get laid unless you can seduce your partner with a touch (or more) of romance. Michael Webb has long been touted as the “Oprah Love Expert” and when you get Ejaculation By Command, you also get 101 Romantic Ideas. You can use them to make your lover swoon before ever getting into bed with them and showing off your new lovemaking skills.

With Ejaculation By Command, you’ll also get access to three great videos on how to give sensational oral sex as well as videos on the g-spot and orgasms. There’s really no comparison here – this is one of the best products to help a man who doesn’t last long enough in bed learn to control his ejaculation as well as improve his oral sex skills and learn to spice up his sex life so sex is never boring again!

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