Faster Female Orgasm Review

Faster Female Orgasm is an excellent guide that teaches women how to take CONTROL of their own orgasm! Learn how to have a faster and harder O today! A step by step guide on how you can reach orgasm every time. This book will do more than teach you the proper way to masturbate alone and during sex. It will teach you how to achieve your objective of experiencing simultaneous orgasm that you may have heard of but never tried.

The Good

For women that want to take control of their own orgasms instead of leaving it up to the guy every time, Faster Female Orgasm is the perfect guide to teach you how to reach the big “O” faster, harder and more than once! You can forget ever having to fake an orgasm again, because with your help, your man’s best efforts will be rewarded and so will you. Written in an easy to read, conversational tone, Faster Female Orgasm reaches out to both women who have never had an orgasm before and those who just want to make their orgasms better!

The Bad

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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The section on female anatomy is quite detailed and a great way to learn all about a woman’s genitals, but it seems a bit out of place in a book written for women who probably know what’s going on down there from years of masturbation. However, if you want to learn the scientific names for all the parts of a woman’s anatomy, or you’ve never taken a peek downstairs yourself, this section is handy.

The Bottom Line

Faster Female Orgasm, written by female orgasm guru Jessica Perez, is a comprehensive guide that teaches women how they can be responsible for their own pleasure, even with the guys that have failed to give them orgasms for several years. Jessica’s book is about a woman taking control over her own orgasms instead of just letting their guys do it, because Jessica illustrates a very important but little talked about fact here – many women fake it because their men are trying so hard but just can’t seem to push them past the finish line. Faster Female Orgasm will teach you how to pick up the baton and run with it, bringing yourself to the finish line with your man right by your side! A great companion manual to Faster Female Orgasm is The Female Orgasm Black Book written by Lee Jenkins.

The Full Faster Female Orgasm Review

Jessica begins Faster Female Orgasm with several stories of women who just can’t seem to have a climax by having sex with their partners, even though they can easily reach orgasm through masturbation in five minutes or less. Sound familiar? Jessica reaches out to women who want to share their orgasms with their partners through sex, but haven’t been able to achieve it so far.

A section on clitoral stimulation starts the meat of the book off right, as clitoral stimulation is the easiest and fastest way for most women to reach climax. Here Jessica teaches techniques that can be used both during masturbation and penetrative sex. Jessica also highlights how to achieve a g-spot orgasm, as well as how to masturbate properly. Perhaps the most powerful lesson in this section is how to simulate sex during masturbation, thereby training yourself to be able to climax during sex as easily and quickly as you climax during masturbation.

A big problem that women have when they’re about to reach climax is their bodies tense up and they’re not sure how to “ride the wave.” Jessica teaches women how to relax and let the climax come so to speak, rather than inadvertently fighting it. Later on, Jessica discusses the most powerful orgasm a woman can have during penetration, called the “entry orgasm.” Many women have read about it but few actually get to achieve it, where the woman is able to have a climax the minute her partner penetrates her. Jessica shows women step by step exactly how to have this type of climax, and shows you how you can have it every single time!

Faster Female Orgasm wouldn’t be complete without a section on the best sex positions for female orgasms, and the book certainly does not disappoint. Several sex positions are listed here, from the best positions that allow for clitoral stimulation to those that are better for the “entry orgasm” or any other type of deep, penetrative g-spot orgasm.

Jessica recognizes the fact that all women fantasize, and that these fantasies can actually play an important role in a woman’s ability to have a climax during sex. In this section, you will learn how to fantasize the right way, allowing your mind to take you to places you’ve never been before! The mind and body connection is a powerful thing for all women, and most women don’t even use this to their advantage during sex!

Faster Female Orgasm ends with a great section on how to teach your partner to do the things you’ve just learned to do during masturbation, to max out your pleasure during sex. While most men try extremely hard to give a woman a climax, few of them actually succeed. Jessica shows you how to train your man to give you orgasms in addition to controlling your own orgasms. A great partner book here would be The Female Orgasm Black Book by Lee Jenkins, which illustrates in detail exactly how a man can please a woman and give her mind blowing orgasms.

Included with the download of Faster Female Orgasm are several great manuals, including another fullebook for free!

Blow His Mind Tonight

Jessica’s full ebook on how to amaze your guy in the bedroom is included, and boy will it ever come in handy! This great manual will teach you how to give your guy the best climax he’s ever had through oral sex or manual stimulation, making him even more willing to give you a great climax in return! Read our full review of Blow His Mind Tonight here.

Top 25 Female Orgasm Tips For Men

This guide will teach your man how to find your g-spot, how to hit the g-spot during sex and also how to use his fingers to bring you to “multiple escalating orgasms!” And you thought fingering was old news!

Top 10 Accelerated Orgasm Methods

Once you’ve mastered the techniques in the Faster Female Orgasm book, you’ll be ready for the next step. This free manual teaches you advanced techniques that will really make your toes curl.


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