The Female Orgasm Blueprint Review

The Female Orgasm Blueprint is a comprehensive guide on how to give women orgasms a variety of different ways – through fingering, oral sex and more. The videos aren’t HD or very visually appealing, but the instructor, Jason Julius, doesn’t have to have fancy props (besides his incredibly realistic looking model vagina) and studio lighting to get his message across.

If you pay attention to what the Female Orgasm Blueprint has to offer, you’re going to learn not only how to give a woman an orgasm, but how to give her squirting orgasms, anal orgasms, multiple orgasms, blended orgasms and full body orgasms! This video course really puts you ahead of other men out there when it comes to sex. It’s a great “tool” to have in your sexual “toolbelt!”

The Good

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The live demonstrations on how to finger a girl and oral sex are probably the best “take away” from the Female Orgasm Blueprint video course, because they actually show you what is being done – rather than just tell you in an e-book. There is an e-book companion if you’d rather read than watch videos, but you’re going to learn a lot more from being show exactly how to do something step by step than you are from a block of text.

Of course, not every part of pleasing a woman sexually has to do with her body or her anatomy – it has a lot to do with her mind too. You can have the best sex techniques in the world and if you don’t know how to relax a woman’s mind and get her turned on and ready for sex emotionally and intellectually, you’re not going to give her an orgasm, period. Jason Julius guides you through how to talk to a woman, what to say and how to mentally prep her for sex, so you’re taking advantage of all her hot spots – including her brain!

Jason Julius also covers everything from clitoral stimulation to oral sex to fingering to anal pleasure in the video course, so when you’re done, your bases are definitely going to be covered. You’ll be a master at giving women squirting, full body orgasms and the women you’re with will wonder just how you got to be so great in the sack!

The Bad

While the videos aren’t in HD and are more basic vs. visually thrilling, they get the job done. Yes, the video modules will require your full attention and you may even want to take notes – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Female Orgasm Blueprint course is designed specifically for men who want to really learn how to give a woman an incredible orgasm. So what if the videos are a little plain? You’re learning here!

The information is priceless and if you put some time and effort into listening to the techniques and watching the demonstrations, you’re going to come out ahead of pretty much every other guy out there in the sex department.

The Bottom Line

The Female Orgasm Blueprint is a complete video course with coaching, pictures, diagrams and live technique demonstrations (on a model vagina) that surpasses other guides of its kind. You did read that part about live technique demonstrations, right? Very few female orgasm guides out there include LIVE technique demonstration. They may show pictures or discuss how it’s done, but some guys are still left in the dark.

Jason Julius understands that men are visual creatures and if they’re really going to learn something, they’re going to have to see it. The Female Orgasm Blueprint does just this, showing and teaching men how to give a woman an earth shattering orgasm every single time.

The Full Female Orgasm Blueprint Review

The Female Orgasm Blueprint is a specially designed video course with ten videos that not only tell you how to please a woman sexually, but also showyou. Ever been too shy to ask your girlfriend to show you how it’s done? Jason Julius does, and you’ll actually get to see where to put your tongue or fingers to give your partner the most pleasure possible. That’s probably the best part about this video course, because almost every other similar guide on how to give women sexual pleasure provides pictures and diagrams only, not live technique demonstrations.

How To Turn On Her Mind Too

Women also need their mind and emotions stimulated during sex, and like a true professional, Jason doesn’t leave that part out. He teaches you how to talk to women to get them relaxed and in a sexual mood before you ever lay a finger on her. With his techniques, you’re going to have your partner dripping wet before you even get started!

Get Good Results, Fast!

While many guides and video courses on how to please a woman sexually take time to learn, you can use the techniques in the Female Orgasm Blueprint the very same night to give your partner the best climax she’s ever had. Of course, the more you study the modules and watch the videos, the more you’ll learn. If you want to become a true sexual master, you’ll watch these videos all the way through and more than once.

However, if you want to get results NOW, you can definitely do that here. Watch a few videos, pick up a few techniques and use them on your girl that day. She will notice a tremendous improvement in your sexual technique right away! Then, continue watching the videos and going over the bonus material to build on your skills and impress her with something new every time you have sex.

She Can Use It Too!

If you have a partner that struggles to reach orgasm, even through masturbation, you may want to introduce the Female Orgasm Blueprint to your woman. She too can watch the video demonstrations and learn where she can touch her own body (and how to touch it) to give herself pleasure. You can also watch these videos together and experiment with the different techniques with each other!

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