Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed Review

Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed is a comprehensive guide on how to give a girl full body, earth shattering orgasms. If you’ve never been able to make a woman climax – or are with a girl who has trouble reaching climax – THIS is the guide you want to get. There is tons of information inside, and it’s definitely an easy read. You can skim it and pick up a few things to try TONIGHT, and then get into the nitty gritty later and really learn how to push her hot buttons. Whether you’re completely new to sex and giving a woman an orgasm – or you’ve had experience but want to really up your game – Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed has what you need.

The Good

Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed is comprehensive. It doesn’t skip over anal sex just because it’s “taboo” – because hey, some girls definitely dig the back door action. However, it also doesn’t go into so much detail about things that it becomes boring or monotonous to read.  It goes into detail about oral sex and gives you a few techniques to try, and also covers sex positions and communication. Basically, this guide covers all the bases when it comes to bringing a girl to climax.

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If you’ve never been able to give a woman an orgasm before, this is a definite must read. Even guys that have some skill in the sack can pick up several tips and techniques, as well as learn some things they didn’t know about female desire and how to create it. The guide is also easy to read and easy to understand.

Each section features a “Hot Tips To Remember” at the end. This is kind of like a cheat sheet to each chapter – your take aways for the lesson, if you will. Jot these down and keep them handy.

The Bad

There’s not much bad to say about Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed. It’s a great book for the price, and you get lots of usable information. It doesn’t have a huge introduction that you’ll be tempted to skip, and it doesn’t have sections in it that make you go, “Why am I reading this? How does this relate to female orgasms?” The bonus guide Shower Sex Games only has 3 games in it – there definitely could be some more, because the three that are in there are super fun! All in all, this is a pretty great resource. If a guy can’t give a woman a leg shaking orgasm after reading this book, it’s because he didn’t read it.

The Bottom Line

Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed is one of the best resources on how to give a woman a toe curling, sheet soaking orgasm TONIGHT. It covers everything from female orgasm myths to techniques and sex positions. Gabrielle Moore doesn’t leave any stone unturned in this book, so you know that you’re getting everything you need to know about how to bring a woman to climax during sex in one purchase. If you want to learn how to give your girl the best orgasm she’s ever had in her life, Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed is a must have!

The Full Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed Review

Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed is bursting with usable information. It covers everything that has to do with giving a woman an orgasm, but there isn’t so much information that you’re overwhelmed. This is not a book that you’re going to want to start skipping sections in – each one has tips and techniques that you can use anytime to push your lover’s hot buttons and bring her to a climactic peak in minutes. It contains exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it to bring your partner to climax over and over again.

What Is Included:

  • Awesome bonus guide Shower Sex Games – 3 incredibly steamy sex games that will have you wanting to “get clean” as often as you can!
  • An ENTIRE chapter on why women have a harder time reaching orgasm than men – it could be physical, emotional and social for them.
  • Specific techniques you can start to use TONIGHT!
  • A section on anal sex if you and your girl want to get even naughtier
  • Tons of new sex positions, as well as new spins on old classics like missionary
  • Oral sex techniques that will leave her gasping for air!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Common myths about the female orgasm. You may think you have to have a large penis to please a woman sexually, but you really don’t.
  • The two main types of female orgasms. There are more types of orgasms a woman can have, but Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed covers the main two – vaginal and clitoral orgasms. These are your primary targets – you want to get really, really good at working these two areas before you explore more advanced and complicated techniques such as stimulating the AFE zone.
  • What an orgasm feels like to a woman. Can you imagine what she feels like as waves of pleasure (that you created) roll through her body?
  • The differences between male and female orgasms, phase by phase.
  • How to create incredible, burning desire that will make her BEG for release!
  • How to communicate with your lover about what feels good and what she likes
  • 3 amazing scenarios that will start seducing her before you even lay a hand on her

Bonus Guide: Shower Sex Games

Shower sex is so much fun! You’re both wet, naked and covered in slippery soap. The hot water relaxes you and the sensations are intensified by the sounds and smells. However, sex in the shower can actually turn into a quickie simply because there’s really not that much that can be done in there, right? Wrong! Shower Sex Games gives you fun, naughty games that will heat up sex in the shower even more.

While there are only 3 games in this awesome bonus guide (more, please!) they are kinky and exciting. Wet Wheel Of Fortune, anyone?

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