Fix Your Sexless Marriage Review

Fix Your Sexless Marriage is a relationship advice based manual that will help revive your sex life and bring your relationship back up to speed. If your sex life is suffering because your relationship just isn’t what it was or where it should be, this guide will help you learn what the problem is and how to resolve it.

Unlike other sex tips guides out there, Fix Your Sexless Marriage does not focus on specific sexual techniques that will make your lover want to have sex with you more often. Instead, it is a set of books (one for him and one for her) that will allow you and your partner to discover what REALLY went wrong – anything other than finding the root cause for a boring sex life and eliminating it is just a band-aid fix on a bigger problem.

The Good

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When it comes to figuring out WHY you’re in a sexless marriage (and what to do about it), Fix Your Sexless Marriage definitely delivers. This guide is perfect for couples who want to work together to nurture their relationship and get themselves back to the way it was when they first got together – hot sex and all. The author goes into a lot of detail in both guides, exploring almost all of the possibilities that sex might dwindle in a marriage or a long term relationship. Not surprisingly, the reasons for why the sex dies differ greatly.

The Bad

Fix Your Sexless Marriage is not a book on sex tips – in fact, there aren’t really any physical sex tips in it. For couples looking for a guide that contains specific tips to tease and pleasure your partner so you can have sex more often, this is definitely not the book you want to get. However, if you’re looking to find the root cause of why you’re not getting any sex in your marriage, Fix Your Sexless Marriage is actually exactly what you need!

Pretty much the only major issue here is that the books are difficult to get through due to the fact that they are not as visually engaging or as well organized as some of the other products out there. Some people may find that this guide is easier to read in small bits.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Fix Your Sexless Marriage is an excellent product if you want to get your marriage – and your sex life – back to the way it once was. Are these books that contain tons of sexual tips that will leave your partner writhing with pleasure? Nope – you’ll need another guide for that. However, if you’re looking to discover why your relationship isn’t satisfying you or your partner (both sexually and emotionally), Fix Your Sexless Marriage is what you need. If you’re checking these out by yourself and plan to buy only your copy (whether you’re the guy or the girl), go ahead and bite the bullet and get both guides. It’s more expensive, but these guides really work in tandem with each other.

Both you and your partner have to be on board with finding the root cause of your relationship and sexual problems, and you both have to work together to resolve the issues. Email your partner a copy and let them know you’re ready to have an awesome sex life – and marriage – again!

The Full Fix Your Sexless Marriage Review

“A sexless marriage isn’t a problem in and of itself – it’s a symptom of something much deeper.”

This is the theme that Fix Your Sexless Marriage explores – that simply trying to have “better sex” is just a band-aid fix for problems that run much deeper within your relationship. This book set explores the ideas that relationship problems and daily stresses contribute to less sex in a marriage or a long term relationship and it teaches you how to overcome these problems so you can once again have a hot, satisfying sex life with the love of your life.

Don’t assume that this set is just for guys and gals that have signed the papers either – anyone who is experiencing a lack of sex within a long term relationship will benefit greatly from reading (really reading) Fix Your Sexless Marriage.

What The Guys Will Learn:

  • How lack of sex affects your marriage
  • What the lack of sex in your marriage stems from
  • How pregnancy and children factor into a sexless marriage
  • How to make your wife feel desired
  • How to become more attractive to your lover even though your appearance is changing over time
  • Specific ways to rekindle the passion in your relationship
  • How to avoid the urge to have an affair

What The Girls Will Learn:

  • How every day stresses affect your man’s libido
  • How to get reacquainted with your lover and get to know him all over again
  • Why letting your appearance slip will destroy your sex life
  • How to get CREATIVE instead of MAD!
  • How to avoid playing the “victim” in a sexless marriage
  • Why getting back to relationship basics is key
  • How learning to love yourself first will help everything else to fall into place
  • How to get your lover involved without him ever knowing it

Really Reading

Fix Your Sexless Marriage isn’t a skim through guide. It’s not something you can pick up one day and suddenly have a perfect marriage and an even better sex life. Not hardly – you’re really going to have to read. That’s not to say that Fix Your Sexless Marriage can’t help – because it WILL. You just have to dive in feet first – you AND your partner.

Each version of the guide – the one for guys and the one for gals – is available for purchase separately, but it’s really much more beneficial to purchase them both in tandem. This can get a little pricey, but it is well worth it if your relationship is suffering and you not only want to have better sex with your lover, but you also want to get back the closeness and emotional intimacy that you used to have. A great marriage where both partners see eye to eye, support each other and have great sex together is priceless.

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