Fleshlight Pink Lady Original Review

The Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is pretty much known as the original male masturbator. Before disposable squishy eggs or jelly ribbed masturbation sleeves, there was the Fleshlight. Some men are apprehensive about trying a masturbation sleeve, but once they do, they very rarely go back to masturbating with just their hand. That’s because the Fleshlight product line is made from the softest, squishiest material out there – Superskin.

The Good

The next best thing to a real vagina, hands down. This product is crafted from Superskin, which feels really great on your penis. It’s really the closest material out there to real skin. Once you lube it up, it slides up and down the penis and takes masturbation to a whole new level. It’s easy to use, and when the cap is put on, looks like an ordinary, extra large flashlight making it easy to hide in plain sight. Once you put lube in it and start pumping away, the holes in the sides of the case create a vacuum, so you actually feel like you’re getting a blowjob too!

The Bad

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The Fleshlight is a little large and cumbersome for small hands. Fortunately, most men have larger hands so this isn’t a problem unless your lady friend wants to use the toy on you for a handjob. Also, be careful not to use too much lube – the pumping action will squirt the lube out of the holes in the case, getting your hands sticky. If you like a lot of lube, just wrap a washcloth or hand towel around the case to keep your hands dry. The major issue with this product is that it’s difficult to clean. Still worth it though!

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason that the Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is the number one selling male sex toy in the world – it feels THAT good. In fact, men that have never used masturbators before have never gone back to using their hand after trying this product just once. While it can get messy if you use a lot of lube, it’s well worth it for the sensations you’re going to get. There’s only one thing better than a Fleshlight – the real thing!

The Full Fleshlight Pink Lady Original Review

The Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is the first sex toy of its kind – a Superskin vagina that gives guys intense pleasure while masturbating. It feels so incredibly real that many men may have trouble telling the difference! The only thing that the product doesn’t offer is temperature – a real vagina is warmer than the Fleshlight. But other than that, it’s soft, wet and textured inside just like a real woman.


The Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is a soft, “Superskin” vagina that sits inside of a black, flashlight looking case. Superskin is a material made from elastomer, which is designed to feel as close to human skin as possible. While this is probably the realest feeling sex toy you’re going to find on the market, it does require quite a bit of cleanup.

Keeping It Clean

The website suggests that the toy can simply be flushed out with warm water and stored, but this definitely isn’t going to get all the “funk” out, especially the crevices. If you really want your Fleshlight Pink Lady to be clean, take the Superskin vagina out and rinse it with warm water – without soap – separately from the case. Lay it on a towel to try, and then take a baby bottle brush with a bit of dish soap and go to work on the case. A quick scrub is all you need. Once the Fleshlight  is completely dry, take cornstarch or cornstarch based baby powder and dust the entire surface and the inside of the tube. This is what keeps it feeling soft like human skin! This can be troublesome if you like to use your Fleshlight often, however, if you neglect dusting it with powder after use, it’s not going to last as long as it could. All in all, the Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is an excellent male masturbator – in fact, it IS the #1 selling male sex toy after all! The cleanup is well worth the pleasurable sensations it gives during masturbation, hands down!

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