Flirting Formula Review

Flirting doesn’t have to be difficult. Most guys are intimidated when it comes to flirting, but YOU don’t have to be. The art of flirtation with a woman can be broken down into a science, and that’s precisely what Flirting Formula does. From the first contact to the first date and more, Flirting Formula will teach you how to work it! Game on!

The Good

The author seems to understand both men and women, and the natural desires that each have. Many people get so caught up in the modern day age that they seem to forget that we are all still ruled by our basic desires. Flirting Formula exposes what really drives a man and a woman, and how you can work these things to your advantage. From the fundamentals of flirting, to making an incredible first impression, to how to act on the phone and more, there’s really no stone left unturned here.

The Bad

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Flirting Formula is definitely a heavy read. With very little in the way of visual stimulation, this is one of those books that you really want to sit down with. Fortunately, the content is valuable and spot on, so it’s definitely worth it. But some men who are looking for a “quick fix” are going to be a bit disappointed. But if you’re not really willing to put in the effort it takes to read a great flirting guide, are you really willing to put the effort into flirting itself (which is way harder than reading a book)?

The Bottom Line

Overall, Flirting Formula is a great go-to guide to learn the basics of flirting and a few building blocks. It won’t turn you into a dating Casanova overnight, but it will certainly help increase your self confidence around women and help you to take your game up a notch. You will, of course, want to adapt each suggestion to your own personal beliefs and motivations, but the tips contained in the guide are pretty much able to be used universally, with any woman, anywhere. A great investment in your dating life if you really enjoy being social, especially with women.

The Full Flirting Formula Review

Flirting Formula is one of the better guides on flirting, hands down. The author begins with the basics of flirting, which is essential if you really want to be good at it. To be good at it, you of course, have to understand it fully. Some men may be tempted to skip over the beginning, which includes lots of information about the differences between men and women and their basic needs in a partner, but if you’re one of those guys, buckle down and read the introduction. It may seem like it’s “under the radar” but it shouldn’t be. Every good flirting game needs to build on a solid foundation.

All In One Flirting Guide

The author covers everything from how women communicate, to how your voice and body language play a role in attracting women. Not only does the author discuss why these things are important and how they affect your ability to be successful when flirting with girls, but he also tells you what to do and how to do it. Many dating guides stress the importance of a certain thing, but fail to elaborate on what you need to do to make it actually happen. Not so with Flirting Formula. Everything you need to know is right here.

Talking To Women

A majority of the book is about how to talk to women in different scenarios, including on the phone, in intimate settings, etc. Though this may make the table of contents look a bit skimpy, don’t for a minute underestimate the value of learning how – just exactly how – to talk to women. The author elaborates each section in great detail throughout the book, so by the end, you compare what you’ve read with the table of contents and walk away feeling like you just got waaaaay more than you paid for.

One of the most helpful parts of Flirting Formula is all the different scenarios the author paints. It’s not just a book full of ho-hum, “Do this, do that” dating tips. Quite the opposite, in fact. Yes, it is a heavy read without anything visual to keep your mind occupied while you absorb the information, but you’ll just have to use your brain on this one. Use the scenarios and dialogue that the author has created to fuel your imagination. Although some of the back and forth dialogue used in the book (when re-enacting a scene that might take place when a man is flirting with a woman) isn’t ideal or necessarily exactly how a conversation will take place, but you’ll get the general idea of great back and forth banter between males and females.

What You’ll Learn In Flirting Formula

  • What women find irresistible in a man
  • 5 Must-Have qualities that a woman wants in a man
  • The fastest way to attract women
  • The simplest way to build sexual tension
  • The biggest conversation mistake you can make when talking to girls
  • Where to find women
  • How to leave a solid first impression
  • How to tease a woman
  • How to get a phone number
  • How to talk to women on the phone
  • How to set up the first date (and what to do once you’re on it!)
  • How to turn women on

All in all, you’re going to learn a lot from Flirting Formula. Pretty much everything you want to know about how to interact with a woman in a flirtatious way – from the very first time you introduce yourself to the time you become an “item” with this person (and even after) – then Flirting Formula is the guide you need.

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