Mastering Her G Spot Review

Mastering Her G Spot is yet another guide claiming to teach men the secrets of giving women incredible, earth shattering g spot orgasms. However, the one difference between this book and all the others is that this one actually teaches you those secrets! Amazingly well done, visually intriguing and packed with information, Mastering Her G Spot rises far above the rest in quality and quantity.

The Good

Like all of Gabrielle Moore’s guides, there is no shortage of information here! Mastering Her G Spot is laid out in an exceptionally organized format, is very visually intriguing and is easy to skim. You can simply scroll to the section you’re looking for, or read through the whole book (but probably not in one sitting!) Gabrielle covers pretty much everything there is to know about the g spot here, and you’re not left for wanting much when the book is through. The information is presented in a well formatted, easy to digest manner, making it easy for anyone to benefit from.

The Bad

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There’s not much bad to point out with Mastering Her G Spot, because the book is so well put together and thorough. If you’re looking for a short, concise tips guide, then you might be disappointed at the volume of this one, but you’re more likely to be happy that you got what you paid for – and much, much more!

The Bottom Line

Mastering Her G Spot is one of the better done g spot guides out there. It’s perfectly put together and easy to read, so you can get every tidbit of information without having to work too hard for it. With both beginner’s and advanced tips, sex positions, foreplay techniques and how to use sex toys (all of which are specifically related to inducing g spot pleasure), anyone who is looking to either learn the basics to help them get started or brush up on already learned skills will truly enjoy this guide. This is one of the books you keep on hand to reference back to again and again!

The Full Mastering Her G Spot Review

The g spot is an elusive area of spongy tissue inside a woman’s vagina that when stimulated, is said to give a woman intense (and sometimes even squirting!) orgasms. The problem is, a lot of men can’t seem to find this little guy and therefore their partners often end up going without the incredible pleasure they know they can have (and have had before).

Many guides on how to find the g spot and what to do with it when you do are lacking in many areas. Mastering Her G Spot, however, is lacking in none. From the well written introduction that eases you into g spot theories and techniques to the actual red hot, play by play techniques, you’ll learn everything you could possibly want to know about the g spot and in all honesty, probably more. The abundance of information here is almost unreal, especially considering that lots of scientists nowadays are suggesting that the g spot doesn’t even exist. Gabrielle Moore is here to prove them wrong!

While many people may underestimate the need for good formatting and enticing pictures in a sex tips guide, they are actually exceptionally important aspects of a good book – or else no one is going to get through it! A reader (especially if he is male) must feel visually, emotionally and mentally intrigued if they’re ever going to get past the first few pages. No worry about that with Mastering Her G Spot – there is plenty of eye candy, bold headlines and easy to read “blurbs” to keep your eyes and brain busy while you learn.

Fortunately, this is also one of the few guides that doesn’t beat you over the head with female anatomy. Learning where the g spot is may be one of the times where visualizing a woman’s anatomy is exceptionally important, however, the few diagrams are very unique and well done, and they show you exactly where to go.

Another awesome aspect to Mastering Her G Spot is that the information is not only going to help you discover your partner’s secret orgasm zone, it’s also going to help you understand your relationship better. (Guys who just want to learn how to access the g spot so they can bang a bunch of women are going to find all the relationship stuff tiring, but oh well! The far majority of men who use this book are going to benefit in multitudes from it). After reading, you will understand more about your partner, her sexual arousal, her body, your body and your intimacy with each other than you ever thought possible. Although Mastering Her G Spot focuses specifically on g spot pleasure, this guide is absolutely going to improve your sex life overall!

As you continue to read through the chapters of Mastering Her G Spot, it becomes clearer and clearer that Gabrielle Moore really did her homework for this one. Between elaborating on her personal experiences, discussing surprising statistics, and presenting information gleaned from her thousands of subscribers, you can tell she really knows what she’s talking about.

And who wants to read a sex tips book from someone who doesn’t have a clue?

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