Getting Her Back – For Good Review

Getting Her Back For Good has helped many men reunite with their exes. If you want to get YOUR ex back, you’ll definitely want to read this!

Michael Webb, also known as the “Oprah Love Expert” and the “World’s Most Romantic Man,” brings yet another great guide to the table – Getting Her Back – For Good –  that shows men who have lost the loves of their lives get them back and never let them get away again. Michael has many other great titles on relationships, dating and sex, including 300 Creative Dates and Lick By Lick – How To Go Down On A Woman And Have Her Begging For More. Learning how to do the latter might not be too bad an idea if you’re really trying to win her back!

The Good

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Getting Her Back – For Good is not a guide full of fluff that will get her attention, nor is it a book about tricks to use to win a girl back or ways to manipulate a woman into wanting to be with you again after breaking up with you. This book is designed to help men who really want to figure out what went wrong in their relationships and to fix the core issues that dissolved the partnership.

Getting Her Back – For Good has lots of great material in it, from start to finish. It is a long and bulky read, but totally worth it! The information gleaned from this guide will not only help you change yourself so that your ex will want you back, it will also help you to learn how to be a better partner if you end up moving on to a new relationship with someone else. Reading this guide is a win-win – you’re going to benefit a great deal from the deep self examination that this book has you go through.

The Bad

What is great about Getting Her Back – For Good can also be looked at from a different perspective – not everyone will want to hear what Michael has to say in this guide. In fact, it’s a little like “tough love.” Lots of guys make mistakes in a relationship and it can be very difficult for a man to look at himself in the mirror and really look at what he did to contribute to the problems in the relationship.

The words in this guide aren’t sugar coated – so if you’re looking for a “pick me up” book that will show you everything she did to mess up the partnership, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. You’re not going to feel any warm fuzzies when you read Getting Her Back – For Good. You’re going to examine every aspect of yourself and your relationship with a magnifying lens, and you’re going to learn how to strip away the facade and look at what’s really there.

The epiphanies that you’ll inevitably run into when you read this book aren’t comfortable ones and they’re not happy ones either. You’re going to realize your mistakes and if you’ve ever had difficulty admitting what you’ve done wrong, this book will be a difficult read. That said, there is nothing in this guide that isn’t absolute truth. The truth hurts, but taking a long, hard look at yourself and your issues is the first critical step to changing things to get your ex back permanently.

The Bottom Line

Getting Her Back – For Good isn’t your run of the mill “do this, this and this and you’ll have her back forever” type of guide. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. This guide requires you to have an open enough mind to look at what you’ve done wrong in the relationship and how you can become a better person with whom your ex will want to be with. Not every guy is going to want – or be able to – read this book.

It brings up some truths about men and how they behave in relationships that just aren’t easy to face. However, if you do read Getting Her Back – For Good, you will be better for it. If you take Michael’s advice and apply it to your own behavior and relationships, you stand a very good chance of getting the girl you want to be with back.

The Full Getting Her Back For Good Review

Getting Her Back – For Good has helped many men reunite with their exes. If you want to know what went wrong in YOUR relationship and get her back – read this! If you’re expecting a step by step guide that shows you how to dress better, comb your hair and get involved in volunteering to win your girlfriend or wife back, you’re going to be disappointed. However, if you TRULY want to dig deep, down to the root of the problems and solve them so you and your partner can have a happy, fulfilling long term relationship, this book is going to be your new best friend.

Here are some great things you’re going to learn in Getting Her Back – For Good:

  • The #1 SECRET that causes women to snap – and how to fix it
  • Why almost every breakup is the exact same
  • What a woman needs in a relationship and what she wants in a man
  • The RED FLAGS you missed that were telling you your relationship was headed downhill
  • What REAL intimacy is
  • What she really wants during sex
  • “Power Tools” that will help all relationships

What Was YOUR Breakup About?

Although Michael explains that the dynamics behind almost every breakup are the same, the “surface reasons” for the break up are usually never alike. For example, if you cheated on her or if she cheated on you, or if you two simply “grew apart.” Michael outlines each unique break up situation and tells you what SHE wants to hear. There’s also a great section on things that you can do to help get her back and things you absolutely shouldn’t do and avoid at all costs.

Overall, Getting Her Back – For Good is a great guide that will help men to understand where their relationships went wrong and how to fix them. It may not be an easy read and it may not be super fun to look at yourself in such a glaring light, but if you want your girl back, you’re going to have to buck up and see the truth. Even if you don’t end up getting your ex back, what you’ve learned from this guide will help keep you from making the same mistakes in the future in a different relationship.

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