Getting Him Back Review

Getting Him Back will help you figure out what went wrong in your relationship and how to get him back for good. It doesn’t have to be over!

Michael Webb, one of the world’s top selling romantic authors, brings yet another great book on how to win an ex back – except this time, it’s a guide on how SHE can win HIM back after a breakup! Getting Him Back is short, sweet and to the point, yet packed with lots of information. It not only shows how a woman can completely redesign herself and her behavior so the relationship will actually work on the next go round, but also how to get his attention and convince him that she is, in fact, a completely different, more mature and forgiving person.

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The Good

Getting Him Back is actually quite short, but there is no lack of information within. It has only 6 chapters, so you can have it read quickly, which means you’ll already be on your way to put your game plan into action. Michael outlines step by step what you need to do and how you need to act to get your ex thinking about you again in a good way.

There’s not a lot left to be desired here – Michael covers the basics of a breakup, cautions against the wrong reasons to want to get back with someone and teaches you the importance of creating a better, kinder, more forgiving you. Honestly, even if your ex moves on and finds someone else, you’re going to benefit from the introspection you’ve done through reading Getting Him Back. Your next relationship may very well be the best you’ve ever had.

The Bad

A little manipulation is required on the woman’s part to break down the emotional barrier that a guy puts up after a breakup. Without this manipulation, he may never see you in the new light you’ve cast yourself in, which is essential for him taking you back. However, some women may find the some of the tips, including the suggestion to find another love interest that is richer and smarter than your ex to make him jealous, a little juvenile. But what any girl reading Getting Him Back must realize is that to win a man back for good, you first have to get yourself back in his sight, and that’s not always easy to do.

The Bottom Line

Getting Him Back is an excellent guide on how women can get the men that they’ve loved and lost back into their lives. It’s a shorter, easier read than many other similar products out there, but only because Michael gets right to the point. There’s not a lot of fluff here – if you want simple, easy to understand steps that will increase your chances of getting back in his arms for good, this is the book you want to read.

Some women may feel a few of the suggestions are a little manipulative, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. The main focus of Getting Him Back is creating a new, better person and shedding whatever issues contributed to the breakup in the first place.

The Full Getting Him Back Review

A breakup doesn’t have to be the end if you want to be with someone – and that’s what Getting Him Back is all about. It shows you how to figure out what went wrong in your relationship and how to get him back step by step. The guide starts off with a series of deep, thought provoking questions about your relationship and what possibly went wrong. While you’re giving your ex some time to breathe and heal from the emotional pain of the split, you’re going to be doing some truthful examination of yourself and you’re going to get real with yourself. Some questions that may shed some light on the breakup are:

  • Do you miss him or just the two of you together?
  • Are you looking to the future for the right reasons?
  • Do you simply need to win?
  • Could you be happy alone?

Yes, these are some tough questions and they’re probably not ones you want to truthfully answer. However, without digging deep and truly examining yourself and the root of the breakup, you’re never going to be able to get your ex back, or if you do, it’s not going to last very long.

Some things you’ll learn in Getting Him Back:

  • Why giving your ex time to breathe after the breakup is important
  • How to make that time work in YOUR favor
  • How to create a completely new you
  • The #1 SECRET to getting him back
  • 3 simple steps to get your ex to REALLY start noticing you again
  • How to use the “I just want to be friends” situation to your advantage
  • 10 things you NEVER want to forget when trying to get your ex back
  • 6 key ingredients in a successful relationship

Essentially, Getting Him Back is a guide that every woman should read if she wants to get back with the man she’s lost to a breakup. To be successful, there may be a few difficult revelations, big changes and decisions to make, but in the end you will either get your man back, be a better person for it or both.

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