Hustler Dare Devils Vaginal Balls Review

The Hustler Dare Devils vaginal balls are a form of “ben wa balls” that are designed to be inserted into the vagina and exercise the PC muscles. The pelvic floor muscles can become weak over time or after a woman gives birth, which can lead to urinary incontinence and trouble reaching orgasm. When inserted into the vagina, the weight of the product will inadvertently exercise the PC muscles without the woman actively exercising the muscles herself, because the vagina is trying to keep the balls in on its own.

The Good

If they are able to be worn, this product will help strengthen the vaginal muscles while the women is going about her day to day life. Stronger PC muscles mean better control over urine flow and stronger, harder, faster orgasms. Using the Hustler Dare Devils vaginal balls will strengthen the PC muscles, leading to a more satisfying sex life. The product itself is cute – who won’t love the little devil tail that acts as the “string” to remove the product.

The Bad

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The product is fairly large and heavy, which may not be well suited to smaller women. Some women may have trouble with insertion (use lots of lube!) and may find them uncomfortable or painful to wear while standing or sitting. Women with very poor muscle control may find that the vaginal balls slip out often and the product can only be worn for a few minutes at a time. Beginners should definitely choose something smaller and lighter weight. Also, the hearts on the side actually end up being upside down when you go to insert it!

The Bottom Line

The concept of the Hustler Dare Devils vaginal balls is great, and some women will really be able to benefit from them. Other women, such as girls who are very small down there and have trouble inserting most objects, will find that these are too large and don’t fit well. These women should definitely go with something lighter weight and smaller.

The Full Hustler Dare Devils Vaginal Balls Review

The Hustler Dare Devils vaginal balls are a form of “ben wa balls” that are made to be inserted into the vagina and left there. The weight of the balls will inadvertently exercise the muscles in the vagina, because the vagina will actually work to keep the vaginal balls inside without the woman wearing them doing anything at all. It’s an excellent way to passively exercise the PC muscles when you don’t remember to do your kegels on your own.

These particular vaginal balls are a little heavy and large, which may not be well suited for beginners or smaller women. They may find the product uncomfortable and difficult to wear while doing daily activities. Beginners should use a smaller, lighter weight sex toy. However, if a woman finds that the product is constantly slipping out, it may be because the PC muscles are just that out of shape and can’t keep the product in for any length of time. Doing more kegels and wearing the Dare Devils more may help with this.

Better Bladder Control

Older women or those who have given birth may find that they have less bladder control than they used to. Hustler Dare Devils vaginal balls can help with this as well. The PC muscles are not only responsible for great orgasms, they’re also responsible for starting and stopping the flow of urine. Exercising these muscles and strengthening them will help decrease the instances of incontinence that some women experience after birth or as they age.

All in all, The Hustler Dare Devils Vaginal Balls are a great concept and can be used by many women to improve bladder function and strengthen orgasms. While some women may not like them, others will find that they help a great deal. If you’re typically very small, look for another product. If you don’t have trouble with inserting most things into your vagina, try this product and see if it works for you!

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