Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager Review

The Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager is a unique, stylish and visually appealing sensual vibrator that can be used alone during masturbation or with a partner.

The Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager is really a one of a kind massage tool that unfortunately doesn’t work well as a vibrator. It looks and feels cool, so it makes a nice novelty and is a great gift to give. It works fairly well as a body massager, but hardcore sex toy enthusiasts might be a little disappointed with this product.

The Good

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The good things about the Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager are few, but they’re worth mentioning. Of course, the most obvious positive thing about this sex toy is that it’s uniquely designed and very eye catching – there’s really no other similar toys out there like this one. The design is very nice to look at and both pieces fit together to form a yin yang. That makes this personal massager very discreet – you could have it laying out open on a table and no one would really know what it was unless they turned it on! The artistic element is probably the most beneficial thing about the Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager. Other notable positive points are that it’s actually not that bad at body massage, it makes a great gift and it appears to be durable and long lasting.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager isn’t as cool as it looks. Although it functions okay as a body massager, the vibrations just aren’t powerful enough to be used as a vibrator. The curved design seems like it would fit a woman’s body well and it does, but the vibrations just don’t cut it. Although you have different vibration patterns and speeds in each piece (each piece does something different), if you’re a hardcore sex toy enthusiast (or have ever used another vibrator before, ever) you’re definitely going to be disappointed by this product. It’s also incredibly difficult to get out of the clear plastic case – you’ll have to pry it out with either a butter knife or a flat head screwdriver and you’ll likely break the case in the process, rendering it useless.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that the Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager is not as cool as it looks. Sure, it’s a great gift for bachelorette parties and the like because it’s discreet yet still somewhat “sexy,” however, if you’re looking to purchase it for yourself or you and your partner as an actual “sex toy,” you’re going to be pretty disappointed. It’s not a bad body massager, but for the money, you could definitely invest in a more powerful vibrator that has more orgasm potential. If you’re looking for a discreet body massager that really does the job, so to speak, the Hitachi Magic Wand is time tested and a favorite of women and couples everywhere.

The Full Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager Review

The Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager really is a unique addition to your collection, but be aware that it makes a better body massager than a sex toy and it’s only a fair massager at that. The great thing about this product is the design – it’s really unique and it doesn’t look like anything else out there on the market today. The design is fresh, clean and modern, and is so discreet that you could have it sitting on the top of your table and no one would have any idea what it is unless you turned it on and it started vibrating! It’s classy, not trashy, so if you’re looking for an upscale looking toy to play with and performance isn’t all that important to you, then the Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager may be a good choice for you.

It comes in a sleek acrylic case, but you’ll probably end up breaking the case just to get the thing out, which leaves you unable to use the case for storage afterwards. It’s made of hard, ABS plastic which makes it body safe, but there’s no give to it. That aspect actually makes it a better body massager, because you can press the plastic deeper into your muscles when they ache. The outer covering is soft and satiny, but again, very hard.

Each half of the massager does different things, which is actually kind of fun to play with. The white half goes up and down in speeds and has 5 total speeds, offering constant vibration at whatever speed you choose. The black half has 5 different vibration modes, and you can experiment with which pattern is your favorite! The toy is waterproof, so feel free to take it in the shower or bath with you.

One other caveat of such a high end looking toy is that it requires batteries in each piece of the massager. This means that if you use the toy regularly, you’re going to eat up a lot of batteries. For such a nice looking product, it would be a lot better if the Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager were rechargable.

Overall, the Joya 4 U Sphere Intimate Massager probably makes a better gift than it does a sex toy purchased for yourself or you and your partner. There are many other products on the market that do a much better job with vibration, and there are also better products out there that are discreetly marketed as body massagers (but still offer a great orgasm) like the Hitachi Magic Wand. Get this if you really like the way it looks, but don’t be surprised when you’re a little disappointed with performance.

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