Kama Sutra ImPulse Clitoral Gel With Vibrating Applicator Review

Kama Sutra ImPulse Clitoral Gel With Vibrating Applicator is a fun way to arouse your clitoris before and during sex. Both the gel and the vibrations work together to intensify pleasure. Kama Sutra is a manufacturer of many high quality products, and the ImPulse Clitoral Gel definitely falls into that category.

Designed with the satisfaction and pleasure of a woman in mind, this small yet effective vibrating applicator will deliver a moderately stimulating cooling gel which will get the clitoris ready for stimulation. After use, you’ll notice that your clitoris is more sensitive, and that you’re more turned on than you were before. The sensations aren’t too intense, so it’s even good for beginners but can also be used by experienced women.

The Good

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Kama Sutra ImPulse Clitoral Gel is designed specifically to heighten sensations in the clitoris and get you ready to experience better, more intense orgasms either during sex or masturbation than you would have without a clitoral stimulating gel. In that respect, the ImPulse gel does its job well. The cooling sensations aren’t too intense, but they’re not non-existent either, and the vibrations are just enough to get your libido going. Many cooling gels intended for clitoral stimulation don’t include a vibrator applicator, so this is definitely a unique feature.

The vibrations will help get you more stimulated than just the gel would alone, although you can use the applicator without vibrations if you really want to. It’s small and sleek enough to fit in your purse and really looks like a tube of roll-on lip gloss or balm – it’s not immediately apparent that this is a sexual product, which many women will enjoy.

The Bad

There appears to be no way to get old batteries out or put new ones in, so unfortunately, once the vibrations have worn out, you’re out of luck. However, you probably will have already used all of the gel by this time, since it is a somewhat small bottle (small enough to fit in a purse, like a tube of lip gloss or lipstick). You may even still have vibrations left over even when the gel has been used up, so this is not a huge concern, just a minor inconvenience. The ImPulse vibrator applicator is not designed to be a vibrator so it’s not something that is going to take you up and over the edge of orgasm.

While the vibrations are strong enough to feel in your fingers (this can be a little annoying for some women, although others don’t seem to mind – it’s similar to using a bullet vibrator on a low level), they’re not really super powerful. If you’re expecting this to be the only toy you use to do the job, you’ll be a bit disappointed. That’s not what the Kama Sutra ImPulse Clitoral Gel was designed to do. It’s designed simply to stimulate the clitoris with both a cooling gel and low level vibrations, getting you turned on and ready to go. When used with this in mind, it really doesn’t do a bad job at all. You’ll like being more aroused before you masturbate or before you have sex with a partner, and this little tube accomplishes exactly that.

The Bottom Line

For its intended use – to awaken the nerves in the clitoris and prime it for better, faster and more orgasms – the Kama Sutra ImPulse Clitoral Gel With Vibrating Applicator is a great choice. Many stimulation gels don’t include a vibration feature, and this can really help stimulate your clitoris and get you really turned on and in the mood. You’re probably not going to get off with it, but it’s not really supposed to get you “there” anyways.

Use it for a few minutes just before you’re ready to fly solo or before you have sex with your lover, and you’ll notice that you’re more aroused and open to stimulation than you would be if you’d not used the product. You’ll enjoy the discretion this product offers – just slip it in your purse or pocket and you’re ready to go! It’s perfect for women who have trouble reaching orgasm during masturbation or sex, or for women who just want to add a little something extra to their sexual experiences!

The Full Kama Sutra ImPulse Clitoral Gel With Vibrating Applicator Review

Sex toys aren’t limited to just dildos or vibrators that you insert – there are many different kinds of sex toys on the market, and all of them are intended to do different things. The Kama Sutra ImPulse Clitoral Gel is intended to be used before sex or masturbation and delivers a cooling gel that intensifies the sensations your clitoris feels, giving you heightened pleasure and more intense orgasms. It can be used in addition to other sex toys and fun bedroom items, so it’s a great addition to the bottom drawer of your nightstand – although it’s small enough for travel and can fit in your purse or your pocket!

Cooling gels are a bit difficult to get “right” – many times they’re either too strong or not strong enough. Couple this with the fact that some women like more intense cooling sensations while others like gels that are more mild, and getting the formula strong enough to please but not too intense becomes a struggle. Kama Sutra, however, seems to have found a decent balance between cooling formulas that turn your clitoris into ice and numbs it so much that you can’t feel anything and “cooling gel” that isn’t any cooler than your clitoris being exposed to the air.

In fact, the ImPulse Clitoral Gel feels great when you put it on, and will deliver moderate cooling sensations for about ten to twelve minutes. It doesn’t last forever and it stays in place – it’s not so liquidy that it will drip everywhere and cool your entire vulva. If you put it on your clitoris, it will stay there. Even when the cooling sensations die down, you’re going to feel more aroused than you normally would if you’ve not used the gel – and this is whether you use the vibrating applicator or choose to use it without the vibrations.

The vibrations aren’t spectacular – but they’re not meant to be either. If you were expecting a full on vibrator with different functions and controls, you’re going to be disappointed. This is not one of those – the vibrations are meant to stimulate you and turn you on, getting you craving more! It does this very well, but don’t expect it to give you an orgasm. It’s most likely not going to happen.

While most Kama Sutra items smell and taste great and are designed to be okay in the mouth, you don’t want your partner to go performing oral sex on you after using this gel. Seems like a good idea at first, since your clitoris is more sensitive and all, but it’s really not – it’s going to numb your lover’s tongue! Not like at the dentist or anything, but your partner isn’t going to be too appreciative of not being able to feel their tongue for a good five to ten minutes after licking your clitoris. Kind of takes the fun out of oral sex. So stick to manual stimulation, or stimulation with your lover’s penis or sex toys when you use the Kama Sutra ImPulse Clitoral Gel. The scent is clean and minty and smells fantastic, but doesn’t last all that long.

As for arousal gels go, the Kama Sutra ImPulse Clitoral Gel is one of the better products out there. The vibrating applicator helps increase pleasurable sensations, and the cooling gel is going to be “just right” for a lot of women. It doesn’t contain a lot of harmful ingredients, so it’s safe to use as often as you like. Use it whenever you want an extra dose of stimulation, or give as a classy gift to a friend or partner.

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