Kama Sutra Love Liquid Review

Kama Sutra Love Liquid water-based lubricant is formulated without sugars, and is specifically designed to be gentle on feminine tissues. It is lightweight, dermatologist tested, and suitable for all sex toys.

The Good

The Classic Kama Sutra Love Liquid is water based, therefore, it is safe to use with all sex toys, and it doesn’t leave, and it requires very little clean up. Unlike most water based lubes, this product does not get sticky or tacky, it simply absorbs into the tissues, leaving them highly moisturized.

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This lube does not contain any yeast-promoting sugars, so women can rest assured that their hours of pleasure  during sex won’t be resulting in hours of discomfort later when they realize they have a yeast infection.

The Bad

Although the Kama Sutra Love Liquid fares much better than most water based lubes, it still requires multiple applications during long lovemaking sessions.

Because it is water based, this lube is not best suited for sex or sex toy play in or around water. Try a thicker gel lube or a silicone based lube if you want to play in the water! The tingling and warming lubes can be a bit intense and may not be the best option for anal sex.

The Bottom Line

Kama Sutra Love Liquid is an overall great water based lube. It feels silky and almost natural to the touch. This lube doesn’t get sticky or tacky, instead, it absorbs into the skin leaving it moisturized and requiring very little, if any, clean up.

The Full Kama Sutra Love Liquid Review

Kama Sutra Love Liquid may look like just another fancy lube, but this water based personal lubricant proves to be worth the extra pennies. It offers a very silky, almost natural feeling, and it lasts quite a bit longer than most other water based lubes without getting sticky or tacky over time and when exposed to air. This product does not contain any yeast-promoting sugars, so it’s a great option for sensitive women, and those prone to yeast infections.

Kama Sutra Love Liquid comes in a 3.4oz unique bottle that features an easy to use pump that allows for easy application while keeping the spill factor to a minimum. No one likes to have to grab their bottle of lube to apply more when they’ve already got a very sticky hand, and no one likes having to wash the lube bottles along with the sex toys. This handy pump makes it easy to apply more without the mess.

It’s available in the very popular Classic (unscented) option as well as the Tingling Peppermint and Warming Cinnamon varieties. A word of caution on the tingling and warming lubes: they are pretty intense and not highly recommended for anal use. Some cooling and warming lubes offer only slight sensations, but the Kama Sutra line of lubes offer sensations of a much higher caliber than other products on the market. If you find that you enjoy the Peppermint or Cinnamon lubes but they’re just too intense, try mixing in a few drops of the regular water based lube. They’re compatible with each other, and the water based lube will dilute the Peppermint or Cinnamon lubes to give you only light tingling and warming sensations.

All in all, the Kama Sutra Love Liquid – in any “flavor” – is a great option for both men and women. Can be used during sex, masturbation and is safe with all condoms and sex toys.


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