LELO Ina Review

The LELO Ina is for the woman who wants it all, this sleek and stylish dual-action vibrator promises maximum intensity with a minimum of fuss.

The Good

The LELO Ina is very quiet. It cannot be heard from the other side of a door, or even across the room for that matter.

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The velvety texture, offered by the high quality silicone, is soft and smooth, pleasing to the touch, and it comes in a variety of fun and vibrant colors. It also offers 8 different vibration patterns, using a variety of combinations from dual motors located in the shaft and the clitoral arm. If you like intensity, this gorgeous toy certainly delivers when it comes to drenching orgasms!

The Bad

The LELO Ina is designed to deliver firm pressure to the g-spot. Not all women enjoy this type of pressure, and some may even find it a bit painful. Although this toy is definitely a bit pricey, however, most of the LLELO Ina’s users will swear that she’s worth every penny.

The clitoral arm can be a bit troublesome for some women. It’s extremely rigid, and it has a tendency to be a bit too intense if you have a very sensitive clitoris. Women who like firm clitoral pressure will really enjoy this though.

The Bottom Line

The LELO Ina vibrator caters to women with a very specific desire for firm pressure and intense vibrations. Those who enjoy that style of stimulation will be over the moon about this product. While some women who prefer softer stimulation may not like this vibrator as much as, say, a jelly tipped one, most women will enjoy the luxurious feel of this toy as well as the unique vibrations.

The Full LELO Ina Review

The LELO Ina is the holy grail of intense vibrators. It offers eight variable stimulation modes, made possible by two individual motors. The first motor is located in the clitoral arm. This arm is rigid, and offers a large amount of pressure paired with intense vibrations. The second motor is located in the shaft of the vibrator; this one stimulates the g-spot with similar pressure and intensity.

As mentioned, this product offers eight separate vibration options, but the circular mode is well worth noting. This mode stimulates one sensual area, causing it to heighten in intensity while the level of vibration is restricted elsewhere. Then, pleasure is masterfully transferred to another stimulation point. This creates a sense of movement within, and ultimately leads to prolonged and somewhat overpowering orgasms.

The LELO Ina is 7.75” long with an insertable length of 3.5” The insertable shaft and clitoral arm are made from hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free silicone that offers a very soft and velvety texture. Since it is made of silicone, it is worth reminding everyone, that it may not be used with silicone lube. The lube will bind with the silicone material of the vibrator, and it will never be the same. The control handle offers four buttons. The left and right buttons allow the user to easily select their preferred stimulation pattern, while the top and bottom buttons control the level of intensity. This product comes with a rechargable battery and a silky pouch for safe keeping.

As with all LELO products, the Ina reflects a combination of innovative design and technology. It performs wonderfully, and it’s durable enough to last for years and years. The only notable drawback to this product is that it caters to a very specific preference for high pressure and intensity, and therefore, it may not be appealing to everyone. Women who prefer a lighter touch and more flexibility, may be more satisfied with another product.

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