LELO Mia Review

The LELO Mia is a tiny, USB chargable vibrator that allows for maximum pleasure with the ultimate amount of discretion. A definite must have sex toy!

If you’re a woman who wants the ultimate in discretion when it comes to a sex toy, the LELO Mia is right up your alley. It’s super small, super quiet and looks almost exactly like a tube of lipstick. It’s completely wireless, so you can throw it in your purse without anyone ever being the wiser.

The Good

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The LELO Mia looks almost exactly like a tube of lipstick, so it’s completely discreet. Even if someone were to go digging around in your purse looking for something, it’s very unlikely that they would notice this or even know what it was if they did happen to notice it. That’s not the best part though – what makes the LELO Mia so unique is that the cap actually slips off to reveal a USB charging port!

Forget about batteries and wall chargers – this is one of the easiest and convenient ways to charge a sex toy. It’s also small enough that it can be mistaken as a jump drive! Just think about it – you can sit in a coffee shop (or even at your desk at work) and charge your vibrator and pass it off as a flash drive! If that’s not discreet, nothing is!

The Bad

Sadly, this lovely little sex toy isn’t waterproof. Being waterproof might actually make it the perfect vibrator. Also, it’s not something you can use for g-spot stimulation – it’s simply not long enough. The LELO Mia was designed specifically for quiet, powerful clitoral stimulation and it does a very, very good job of it.

Other than that, there’s not much else “bad” to say about the LELO Mia. Some women are going to want a larger, more powerful vibrator, but if you want something portable, travel safe, discreet and quiet, you’re not going to get much better than this.

The Bottom Line

If you want a vibrator to take with you places – that no one will see, hear or know about – the LELO Mia is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s one of the quietest, smallest and most discreet looking clitoral vibrators out there. It won’t take the place of a good g-spot vibrator (after all, the LELO Mia is designed for stimulating the clitoris only – it’s too short and straight to reach the g-spot) it’s definitely a vibrator that you want to have on hand for certain times.

At the boyfriend’s parents’ house and can’t get it on with your beau because you’re sleeping in different rooms? Don’t be tempted to break their trust – instead, have a great solo session that will be undetectable by anyone! There also lots of other great opportunities to use the LELO Mia – anytime you want an orgasm without anyone knowing what you’re up to!

The Full LELO Mia Review

While there aren’t a bunch of fancy vibration modes on the LELO Mia, the “+” and “-“controls are super easy to use. The vibrations can be controlled while using the vibrator during masturbation, so you can start slow and work your way up to the highest vibration as you get more and more turned on.

Probably the biggest “pro” of the LELO Mia is that it’s extremely discreet. It’s not very obvious that it’s a sex toy – in fact, you can pass it off as a tube of lipstick or a jump drive. Unlike large, brightly colored rabbit style vibrators like the Wild G, the LELO Mia is much easier to hide if you don’t want to get caught masturbation. If you do get caught, it’s much easier to tuck the LELO Mia away than it would be a giant penis shaped vibrator or dildo!

The LELO Mia is also incredibly quiet. In fact, it’s so quiet, you could probably masturbate in a bathroom stall right next to someone and they would have no idea that you weren’t using the bathroom – that is, as long as you don’t make any noise! Although this vibrator is small, it’s actually incredibly powerful. You’ll want to use the bottom of the vibrator for your clitoris, because that’s where the actual vibrator motor is – the top of the toy is where the cap is that covers the end that houses the USB charger.

The LELO Mia is simply one of those “must have” sex toys that you need in your toy chest. It’s not one you’re going to use for everything, but it is one that you’re going to want to have on hand next time you travel (no one wants airport security to open their bag and find their still vibrating, rotating dildo) or are “on the go” and need some quick stress relief.

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