Liberator Hipster Sex Furniture Review

The Liberator Hipster helps you jazz up sexual positions. The high and low curves of the Hipster give partners access to an assortment of new sexual positions, taking everyday lovemaking to a higher level of intensity.

The Good

The Liberator Hipster offers excellent support during oral sex. The receiver’s hips are supported in an elevated position, and the giver is relieved from neck strain due to the much more natural angle. The giver may receive additional support by resting their neck on the large curve.

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It is an excellent asset for “doggy style” sex. The large curve supports the hips, and the smaller curve supports the breasts. This combination allows the receiver to maintain a comfortable position for a longer period of time, and it offers the giver a better angle as well as improved leverage. The result is amazing!

Like all of their products, the Liberator Hipster, is very durable and easy to maintain. The Champagne foam core will not break down easily, and the microfiber and waterproof covers easily zip off and on for cleaning.

The Bad

The Liberator Hipster is 24” across and is designed to accommodate most bodies, however, a larger person may want to consider looking for a wider product.

Storage can be a bit tricky for some. It is too large to slide under most beds, and it’s size and dimensions make it an awkward fit in most places. One solution is to invest in some bed risers (roughly $10).

This product is a bit pricey, but quality craftsmanship and hours of pleasure make it well worth the investment.

The Bottom Line

The Liberator Hipster is high quality, well designed and durable, and it offers support for all of the traditional sex positions while opening the possibility for endless experimentation. What’s not to love?

The Full Liberator Hipster Review

The Liberator Hipster may look like just a funny pillow, but in reality, it is a highly technical and very functional piece of sex furniture. It’s design is ideal for raising the hips while supporting the lower body during “doggy style” sex, but that’s not all it does. When laying in a supine position, the Hipster’s large roll lifts and supports the hips in a way that allows for deeper penetration and easy lifting of the legs.

This all sounds well and good, but what everyone really wants to know is, “does it really make a difference?” The answer is simple. “Yes it does.” It is truly amazing how this product makes finding that perfect position a no brainer. It also makes it easier to stay in that position for a much longer period of time, the result is mind blowing, so to speak.

The Liberator Hipster is made from a high caliber, high density foam that the company calls Champagne foam. This foam is then encased by a waterproof nylon cover which is then encased by a very soft microfiber cover. The microfiber cover is easily spot cleaned with a gentle detergent and a damp wash cloth. It is also machine washable and easy to remove, and replace.

The cushion is 33” in length, 24” wide, and the top of the large roll rests about 10” high. In short, it is a pretty good sized piece of furniture. This makes it a priceless asset when working out new positions and very usable by a large variety of body sizes and styles. The only real draw back, is that it can propose a problem when it comes to discreet storage.

All in all, if you only get one piece of sex furniture to help you get into lots of different sex positions and oral sex positions, the Liberator Hipster is definitely the one you want!

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