Lick By Lick Review

Lick By Lick teaches men the best techniques to use for oral sex on a woman so he can learn to please his partner over and over again! She will love it!

For a woman, cunnilingus is like a mini-vacation where she can finally forget her daily routine and nagging to-do list while her body releases the pent up tension from the day through orgasm. This guide will show you how to go down on a woman and have her begging for more.

The Good

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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A well written, easy to read manual that really provides you with just about everything you need to know when it comes to giving a woman oral sex. Lick By Lick offers information on female desire, how a woman gets turned on, safe oral sex, cunnilingus techniques and advanced techniques. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned “oral sex professionals” who want to wow the women in their lives with this most sacred of sex acts.

The Bad

The introduction, while containing plenty of excellent information, is a bit long winded. Those who are anxious to get straight to the oral sex techniques may find the introduction a bit more than they anticipated. Much of the introduction, however, has information that guys need to know before they ever get in between a woman’s legs! Although you’ll be tempted to skip the intro and get straight to the meat of the book, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge and wisdom about women and oral sex (often called cunnilingus in the book) that will help you become even better at giving your partner a mind blowing orgasm through oral sex.

The Bottom Line

Full of both great oral sex tips and techniques and good to know background information on female desire and anatomy, Lick By Lick really is a comprehensive guide to all things oral sex (for women, that is). Michael Webb truly knows his stuff, whether it’s romance and creative dates or how to drive your partner wild when going down on them! Well worth the meager monetary investment for all the usable information you get.

The Full Lick By Lick Review

Michael Webb, author of Lick By Lick, starts the guide off with some great information about how you can get a woman to mentally relax before going down on her. Michael realizes that most women are very sensitive to receiving pleasure and are more used to giving it than getting it. Many men will find that they must first tear down a woman’s emotional barriers and misconceptions about oral sex before he can actually start pleasuring her with his mouth. Fortunately, Michael will show you exactly how you can do that.

While direct, step by step instructions are always good to have on hand, this book focuses more on learning how to communicate with your partner about what they like during oral sex. Oral sex techniques are not just a one size fits all scenario – even if you learn how to perform a certain technique perfectly, it is not a guarantee that every woman will enjoy that same technique. This book includes an informative section on how you can talk to your partner about what feels good to her while you’re peforming oral sex on her, and get some answers that will help you to form your own brand of great oral sex.

Contrary to popular belief, giving a woman oral sex can spread sexually transmitted diseases. Michael includes a section in Lick By Lick about STD’s and how they are spread through mouth to vagina contact and vice versa. Included is information on how to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases if you’re going down on a woman you’ve not established a monogamous and disease free relationship with. Safe sex is always better sex, for both you and your partner!

Next is a somewhat dry but still informative section on female anatomy. While you may not care to know all of the scientific names of each and every aspect of a woman’s vulva, just knowing where everything is located is an important part of learning how to go down on a woman and give her the right kind of pleasure. Fortunately, this section is written in a conversational tone, helping to make some of the more complicated stuff easier to understand.

Next on the list – still before getting to any of the actual oral sex techniques – are ways to get your partner turned on and relaxed enough to accept oral sex. Many women are so apprehensive about receiving oral sex that they can’t get turned on by it or even reach orgasm, no matter how hard you try or what techniques you use. This section of the guide will show you how to get your partner to be open and receptive to oral sex so your hard work pays off.

After glossing over a few more erogenous zones that women have (besides the clitoris), the book finally delves into what you’ve been waiting for – techniques! Here you will learn great moves like sweeping the tongue or using a gentle sucking motion to drive your partner absolutely crazy. Each tip or technique also gives you a “variations on this move” paragraph that will show you different ways you can use the same tip, so you’re actually getting several techniques in just one!

The remainder of the book is tips, tips and more tips. You truly will be an oral sex master after reading Lick By Lick in its entirety!

Included with the guide are four great additional manuals that contain tips and techniques you can use to make sex – and your relationship – that much better.

How To Make It Bigger, Stronger And Last Longer

Many men fear that they have small penises, ejaculate too early during sex or don’t have the hardness or stamina that they think they should have. While the first guide shows you how to pleasure your partner with your mouth, you can use this guide to enhance your penis for when your partner is ready for penetration.

53 Sexy Coupons

A sexy coupon book ready for you to use! Give your partner a coupon for “one lovemaking session in front of a roaring fire” or a coupon for a sex favor that you came up with yourself. Coupons are a great way to spice up your sex life in addition to making your partner feel ultra special.

How To Give Your Partner Great Massages

Michael Webb suggests in in his oral sex guide that massages are a great way to get your partner to relax before oral sex. Take that one step further with this additional manual on how to give your partner the massage of her life! She’ll be putty in your hands after you employ these amazing massage tips.

101 Romantic Ideas

Another way to get your partner to be receptive to oral sex is to romance her. Included with all the other bonus material is 101 Romantic Ideas that you can use tonight to start romancing your partner. She will feel like the queen of the world when you romance her, massage her, and give her the kind of orgasm she craves through the oral sex tips in Lick By Lick.

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