Naughty Fingers Review

Naughty Fingers is a completely comprehensive guide that goes into detail about female orgasms, how a woman receives pleasure and how give her an orgasm through fingering – or two or three!

The Good

Naughty Fingers leaves no stone unturned when it comes to learning how to please a woman sexually with your fingers. You’ll learn erotic touch, sensual massage and the exact techniques you’ll need to give her orgasm after orgasm. You’ll also learn the basics behind a woman’s pleasure, which is important when trying to understand why other techniques that have been used in the past didn’t work.

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The book is well planned out, with easy to read and understand text, as well as delineated chapters that are easy to navigate through. Gabrielle Moore demonstrates her vast knowledge about female anatomy and female orgasms in each chapter, from how to finger a woman to warming her up with foreplay and sensual massage.

The Bad

While Naughty Fingers is definitely a well thought out lesson on how to please a woman with your hands, some men and women may find that the anatomical references and diagrams go a little overboard. In fact, the section on brain anatomy seems out of place, however, it can easily be skipped without compromising the take-away from the text, unless you really desire to know the physical breakdown of the brain.

The section on a woman’s menstrual cycle may be enough to scare any guy who has made it this far through the book away, because he’s probably thinking, “Hey, I didn’t sign up to learn about her period. How does that relate to me fingering her at all?” Truthfully, understanding where a woman is in her menstrual cycle and how she’s feeling at any certain time is probably one of the first things you’re going to want to be aware of before trying to finger her. Depending on where she is in her cycle and how she is feeling at the time, she may not be receptive to your advances at all, regardless of how excellent your technique is. So men, while you may be tempted to skip over this part, man up and at least glance through it. She’ll thank you for it!

There’s not much else bad to say about Naughty Fingers simply because the text is so comprehensive, there’s really nothing missed. Taking the time to really read and understand what is being said in the book may take some time, but it is well worth it.

The Bottom Line

If you really want to learn how to finger a girl, as well as understand her orgasm and how to get her there over and over, Naughty Fingers is right up your alley. It’s a complete guide on understanding how a woman’s body works so you can learn how to please her without her ever telling you what to do. There’s also a great technique section at the end, so after you learn the “why’s,” you can start to learn “how.” An excellent book for men who not only want to learn exactly what to do and when, but also more about a woman’s pleasure in general.

The Full Naughty Fingers Review

Naughty Fingers is a guide to fingering and female orgasm and is incredibly thorough. Some men may not want to read through the entire background of how a woman reaches orgasm and will want to skip ahead to the actual fingering techniques – however, without understanding the basics behind a girl’s climax, a man is never going to be able to fully please her and give her a mind-numbing, earth shattering orgasm. Take the time to learn what women truly want and what they don’t want and why. Having a better comprehension of the way women operate will help you immensely when it comes to giving your partner sexual pleasure – of any kind!

While well worth the read, the introduction is lengthy. Don’t be afraid to read through it in small chunks, because the information really is vital to what you’re trying to do. In the next section, you’ll learn quite a bit about the hands, their function and how the brain controls the hands. It seems a little out of place here, but not for long. Naughty Fingers immediately jumps into “good touch” vs. “bad touch” and how to tell if your style of touching your lover is at all what she likes or what she wants.

What Type Of Partner Do You Have?

You’ll also learn what “type” of woman your partner is, and you can determine what category her libido falls into. You’ll learn more about the different types of orgasms a woman experiences and how she experiences them. Who knew that the female gender could experience so many different and separate types of climaxes, as well as multiple orgasms! This is perhaps one of the best sections in the text if you’re truly looking to understand female pleasure and how an orgasm works for a woman.

The sections on the female menstrual cycle and detailed diagrams of the female anatomy are next. While the Latin terms for all of her hot spots might seem a little overwhelming, remember that this is not your average high school sex ed class and that you’re actually learning this stuff to give your partner more sexual pleasure than she has ever experienced before. Take a deep breath and read on! Naughty Fingers shows you all of her most sensitive areas like the A-spot and the G-spot. You’ll even learn where the X-spot and the Y-spot are (huh? Those exist?) and how to stimulate them.

Strength And Stamina

Naughty Fingers also includes exercises to help build up the stamina and strength in your hands, because it takes a woman several minutes to become aroused and to reach orgasm – even longer if you want to give her multiple orgasms! You definitely want to make sure your hands, wrists and forearms are in peak condition so you can finish. It’s not going to be very fun for her if your hands cramp up when she’s almost there.

The next chapters are where Naughty Fingers starts to get really good, because you’re going to start delving into the the steps you’re going to take to start to massage and finger a woman until she’s writhing with pleasure. Don’t jump too far ahead – start from the beginning with the labia massage before trying to insert your finger into her vagina – you’re going to want her to be plenty aroused and plenty wet. Don’t forget to have a bottle of your favorite lube on hand too!

Techniques That Will Blow Her Mind

You’ll also learn specific maneuvers and techniques to use that will turn your partner on and send her over the edge – from the “Rumble In The Jungle” to the “U-Turn” and the “Ring Around The Rosie.” There are no shortage of suggestions here, so if you try one and it doesn’t work well, feel free to try another. You’re bound to find something that really rocks your partner’s world, and you’ll actually probably find several. You’ll also find lots of different sex positions to try fingering your partner in. This ensures that you’ll never run out of new combinations of things to try, so she’ll never get bored!

Naughty Fingers wraps up with tips on how to communicate with your partner, as well as how to set the stage for what you’re going to do and get your partner warmed up and ready for it. You’ll also learn how to choose the right lube, how to talk dirty to her and how to use erotic and sensual massage to get her relaxed. All in all, Naughty Fingers has more information about female orgasms and how to use fingering to pleasure your partner than you ever thought was out there. Enjoy the read – and then enjoy putting what you’ve learned into action!

Bonus: Forbidden Sex Toys

You can also spice up your sex life by bringing some sex toys into the bedroom. If you or your partner have never tried using sex toys (apart from masturbation alone), you can be in for a real treat – but how do you know which sex toys are the best and which ones to buy? Sex toys shows you many different styles of sex toys, so you can start to become familiar with what’s out there.

You’ll learn “how to pick ’em and how to use ’em” with everything from vibrators to lingerie to dildos and dongs and anal toys. Gabrielle doesn’t forget that sex toys aren’t just for girls, and includes a section on sex toys for boys, like masturbation sleeves and prostate stimulators. If  you’re not familiar with the sex toy industry and what it has to offer, Forbidden Sex Toys will give you a starting point. It’s also a great read if you just want to learn more about what different sex toys so you don’t end up spending your money on things you don’t end up liking or using!

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