Insider Internet Dating Review

Insider Internet Dating will teach you the skills you need to be successful with women online. You might consider it as the “pick up artist guide” for the internet age. There’s even a warning label, “This product is only intended for men looking to hook up with a lot of women.”

The course is divided into four modules, plus bonus materials from other authors. Each module contains on average a dozen lessons in audio(mp3), video, or PDF format. This allows people to view the information in any format they find convenient and to use different formats if necessary.

The Good

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Insider Internet Dating is very thorough in teaching you the initial stages of the dating process when using online dating websites. It offered mostly practical tips and advices that you can implement immediately to get more dates. Guys who want to see results NOW will truly enjoy Insider Internet Dating, because you can start using the tips and tricks you learn right away.

The Bad

Some of the material seems a bit dated. For example, Dave mentions how to meet women on MySpace. It would be beneficial if it were updated to “Facebook” instead, but many of the same principles still apply.  There are also odd obscure recommendations of websites such Yahoo Personal, AmerianSingle, MatchDoctor, and The Bottom Line. Aside from feeling a little dated, many guys who are looking on how to meet “Mrs. Right” aren’t going to enjoy the modules as well. Insider Internet Dating is about hooking up with women (plural) using the internet as a tool, not a guide on how to meet your future wife.

The Bottom Line

Insider Internet Dating provides a wealth of ideas on how to meet and get to know multiple women online.  It will boost your confidence and knowledge in attracting women online, and turn them into actual dates.  Even though the guide is written for players, or men who want to date a lot of women, it’s actually still useful to guys who are simply looking for a girlfriend – although if this is your angle, you may want to supplement this guide with something a little more relationship driven.

The Full Insider Internet Dating Review

Online dating has become more and more common. It’s a lot easier to meet a woman on the web than in person. Even if she says no, it’s not a big deal. It’s an impersonal way to get rejected, making it sting a lot less. You can meet a lot of women without actually approaching them. This cuts out a lot of awkwardness in asking someone out. The downside is that a million other guys are doing the same thing, so you really have to stand out.

What Insider Internet Dating Covers

  • How to make your profile magnetic
  • How to email women and successfully get their phone numbers
  • How to set up the first meeting via phone
  • How to set up a successful first meeting (and what to do once you meet)

Module By Module Breakdown

The first module of Insider Internet Dating provides some fascinating tips on the creation of your online profile. It covers self-esteem, reasons why women are using online dating, traits that you should display, best online sites (which are a little dated) tips that you can learn from adult escort sites, how to find the best photo of yourself, and finally how setup “magnetic” that will women to contact you.

The second module provides video instructions on email templates that cover various circumstances such as “first contact,” “no contact,” “no reply,” “phone number close,” “no number,” “subject line,” “no IM,” and even “when to email.” The author specifically warned that you should custom tailor the templates according to your own language. Basically don’t copy and paste, instead fully understand the concepts and make them your own.

The third module goes over how to make a date via phone, but many men who prefer to do this over email will find this portion of the module unnecessary. It also covers the best day in the week to have your date and where to go on the first date. The modules outline how the choices you make regarding the date send subtle signals of whether you are a doormat or a man with things happening in his life. There’s even a clever trick that will save you money without making you look cheap on the first date.

Module 4 is the crown jewel of the course. It covers a lot dating tips & tactics that happens on a first date. It even analyzes how women communicate, so you can begin to have a better understanding of how a woman’s mind works.

One controversial tip is to date multiple women at once. The idea is to have some emotional detachment and not to go overboard with any particular woman, kind of that like with the saying, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea.”

Part of doing it is having women pursue you, doing a topsy turvy of the traditional courtship. Insider Internet Dating suggests for guys to stand out and not sweat on the conversation topics. In fact a great topic is telling funny stories about past dates. This puts you and the girl in the “us against them” mode.

The module provides more dating advice like what do to say when she accuses you of something, how to tell if she’s attracted, what to do if you’re not getting interest signals and more.

What Makes Insider Internet Dating Worthwhile

The author believes you should treat dating like a sales process, where you’re basically selling yourself as an awesome guy. One tip to add more familiarity is to go to multiple venues on the same date.

Since girls are subtle, the key is to see what she does, not what she says. There’s even advice on how to smoothly hold her hand and set up the first kiss. Finally, there’s a warning of what not to do at the end of the first date, and how long to wait before following up with her.

All in all, if you’re looking to get savvy about the online dating process or looking to meet multiple girls online, Insider Internet Dating is a great resource!

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