Oral Fixation: Why She Hates Giving You Head & How To Get Her To Love It Review

Oral Fixation can help you make girls who hate giving head WANT it! Check out these awesome oral sex tips to make your girl BEG to give YOU blowjobs!

A lot of girls don’t like giving a guy head – that’s a given. But the question remains – why? Why does a woman avoid going down on her man at all costs and how can you get her to love it so much she wants to do it all the time? In Michael Fiore’s Oral Fixation, you’ll learn the psychology behind why women hate giving a guy a blowjob and how you can reverse her thinking so that she’ll actually LOVE going down on you!

The Good

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Very few sex guides actually help a man understand a woman’s way of thinking – at least, in a way that a guy can understand (and in a way that will keep his interest). Micheal’s guide does just that though! It will teach you, step by step, how to approach all the reasons a woman doesn’t like giving a blowjob so that you can make each reason obsolete, one by one. Once you’re done, there aren’t any more reasons she doesn’t like it – and plenty of reasons she WILL.

The Bad

Oral Fixation is not a technique guide – in fact, you won’t find a blowjob technique in here at all. This is a guide that will help you GET head from your girlfriend or wife. As in, you’ll learn all about the psychology behind why women hate giving head and how you can turn that around so she actually WANTS to give you head as often as you want her to! So if you’re looking for specific techniques, you’re not going to find them here. Also, you’re not going to be able to convince every girl that you come into contact with to give you a blowjob. Some girls just don’t like it and aren’t going to – ever. But with perseverance, you can change most girls’ minds.

The Bottom Line

If you’re in “Blowjob Siberia” as Michael puts it, and want your girlfriend or wife to give you head more often, Oral Fixation will help you learn how to make your woman WANT to give you head – instead of being grossed out by it. There’s no “one special trick” that you can use to get her to want to suck you off, but with some time and effort, she’ll start to think that giving you a blowjob isn’t such a bad idea. Keep at it and she’ll start to think that giving you head is HOT and she’ll want to do it often!

The Full Oral Fixation Review

In Oral Fixation, Michael Fiore gives tons of oral sex tips and addresses the question on every guy’s mind. “How do I get her to want to give me more blowjobs?” The answer isn’t a one step, simple trick that will turn even the most grossed-out girls into blowjob loving fiends, but you can with time and effort.

Basically, this guide offers up what exactly turns a woman off about giving a blowjob and what you can do to erase your lover’s fears and apprehensions about it so that your partner will learn to LOVE it. It’s not a technique guide, so you’re not going to find any specific oral sex techniques inside. However, guys who want to get more blowjobs aren’t really looking for techniques – they’re looking for ways they can get their girls to go down on them and on that, Michael definitely delivers.

First, Michael outlines the reasons that women hate giving guys a blowjob, from bad experiences in the past to guys who just don’t look and smell clean. Oh, and that pesky gag reflex. Understanding the reasons why a lot of women just don’t like going down on a guy is key to getting your lover to actually want to do it – because what you’re going to do is eliminate each of these things one by one.

That’s actually what the majority of the oral sex tips that Oral Fixation covers – after outlining the reasons why women don’t enjoy doing it, the book goes into detail on how you can make each of these reasons obsolete. For example, if a huge thing for her is digging through your smelly bush to find your penis, you’re going to trim, shave and wash with scented soap so everything is nice and fresh down there. If it’s the idea of swallowing your semen, take swallowing off the table completely and don’t even go there. Also, a huge reason girls don’t do it is because guys don’t ever do it to them – so Michael suggests giving her cunnilingus and acting like you LOVE it.

Of course, once you get her to actually put her face down there, you need to follow it up with support and positive reinforcement. There are plenty of oral sex tips here for you to make her feel like a queen when your partner finally does go down on you.

Bonus Items

The main Oral Fixation guide includes an audio version that you can listen to in the car or while working out, or at home if you just prefer listening to things rather than reading them.

The Blowjob Interviews

Michael takes his oral sex tips one step further and offers you the Blowjob Interviews. Here, he interviews several women to find out exactly what they’re thinking about when they’re giving a guy head. They talk about what they like about giving a blowjob and what they don’t like. Never before has there been a look inside the minds of REAL women, exposing how they REALLY feel about going down on a guy. If you don’t like listening to the interviews, there’s also a written transcript.

How To Get Your Wife To Lose Weight (And Feel Great About It)

Although this bonus audio file seems a little out of place here, it can be helpful for guys that want their partners to get healthy without seeming like a jerk by suggesting that they lose weight. If you have a partner that could use to lose a few pounds, give it a listen.

Overall, this Oral Fixation is a great guide for men that want to enhance their sex lives with more oral sex – it will help you learn how to change how you think about getting a blowjob and how your partner thinks about giving one.

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