Kama Sutra EroStick Strawberry Kissing Gel Review

Kama Sutra EroStick Strawberry Kissing Gel is a thick, luscious lip gloss that goes on before kissing or giving your man oral sex. In addition to the strawberry flavor, it also comes in cherry and mint. It’s a fun accessory to add some “kick” to your sex life!

The Good

The Kama Sutra EroStick Strawberry Kissing Gel goes on thick like a lip gloss and wears well. It’s thick enough that it stays on and stays where you put it, but not too sticky. It tastes as good as it smells and can be a lot of fun to wear while kissing or giving your man a super hot blowjob. Although the strawberry is fun, you may want to try the sampler pack that offers smaller versions of all three flavors – that way you can experiment and find which one you and your lover like the best!

The Bad

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The Kama Sutra EroStick Strawberry Kissing Gel boasts a “warming glow” which unfortunately, can feel very, very intense. When it first goes on, it feels a little “cinnamony” even though it tastes like strawberry, but after just a few moments, it feels almost too hot. Unless you’re really into that kind of thing, you may find that it’s just a little too intense to use during sex play and even too intense to wear as a lip gloss! If you can stand the burn, you’ll definitely feel like your lips are plumper and poutier – undoubtedly because the heat has caused the blood to rush to your lips.

When using this during oral sex, your man may also say that it feels a bit too warm. This is another reason the sampler pack is a good idea – you can sample the different flavors and find out which one works better for you and your lover. The mint flavor contains a cooling component and if the strawberry is too hot for you, you may want to try the mint.

The Bottom Line

As far as providing sensation goes, the Kama Sutra EroStick Strawberry Kissing Gel definitely delivers – almost too much. But with similar products, they tend to go the other way and don’t provide any more sensation than a tube of regular lip gloss. You will definitely notice the difference if you accidentally put this on instead of your regular gloss! The strawberry flavor can get very warm, so it may not be suited for those who have sensitive lips or haven’t had success with other warming products during sex, like warming lubes. However, the texture is great and the gloss looks great on. Your lips will look and feel plumper when using this!

The Full Kama Sutra EroStick Strawberry Kissing Gel Review

Oral sex can be a lot of fun when you incorporate accessories like flavored lubes and lip glosses! It can be a great way to spice up a tired oral sex routine. The EroStick Strawberry Kissing Gel is made by Kama Sutra and like almost all of their products, it both smells and tastes great. The texture of the gloss is nice and thick, and stays on for quite some time. This, however, can be a caveat because the strawberry flavor’s “warming glow” tends to be too warm for the lips. Within minutes it feels like it’s getting very hot and unless you’re well accustomed to heat in your mouth and on your lips, this product may be a little too intense. If you enjoy a lot of eat though, this may be right up your alley!

During oral sex, your partner may complain that it feels too hot on their genitals. Again, unless you’ve successfully used fairly intense warming lubes during sex or oral sex before, this may not be a product you want to start with. As far as a lip gloss goes, it looks fantastic if you can stand how hot it gets. It’s thick and shiny, and the “warming glow” allows the blood to plump up your lips, giving you an excellent pout. You’ll feel like your lips are the center of attention – partly because they’re on fire, but if you like that kind of thing, you’ll definitely like this.

If you do like the heat, the Kama Sutra EroStick Strawberry Kissing Gel is a great choice, because the gloss is thick and stays on. The warming sensations last fairly long, so you won’t be disappointed by a product that loses its “flavor and kick” after just a few minutes. During activities like kissing and oral sex, it almost seems like the product continues to get warmer to a degree as you play! Again, this may be a caveat – it depends on how sensitive your lips are or other parts of your body (or your partner’s body) you plan to use it on.

If your lips or genitals are sensitive to warming products like this – for example if you’ve used warming lubes and haven’t liked them – the Kama Sutra EroStick Strawberry Kissing Gel is not recommended. The warming sensations are intense when compared to other warming products, so if you haven’t liked other warming products, you definitely will be overwhelmed by the intensity of this product.

If you’re interested in the Kama Sutra kissing gel products, the sampler pack is your best bet. It includes all three flavors – including the mint that doesn’t contain a warming glow but instead utilizes a cooling sensation – so you can experiment with the different flavors and find your favorite. Plus, if you end up not liking some of them, the tubes are smaller and you won’t feel as though you’ve wasted so much of your money when you end up using only one or two of the tubes!

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