Orgasmic Sex Positions Review

Orgasmic Sex Positions can rev up your sex life dramatically! If you want ones you can actually DO, this guide is much more useful than the Kama Sutra!

Gabrielle Moore produces yet another highly informational ebook in her sleek, easy to digest format. As visually and mentally engaging as the others, this book is an easy read and an even easier resource to flip through and reference back to. Take your time when trying these out though – there are a lot, and they’ll lose their luster if you try to go through ten in one night. Pick one, work on mastering it and giving your girl an orgasm, and then move on to the next one. That’s the true key at becoming a master of different sex positions!

The Good

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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Orgasmic Sex Positions is an excellent resource on a variety of different sex positions that you can use to spice up your love life. The guide includes pictures and a description for each sex position, so it’s not at all difficult to figure out what you need to do, where your body parts need to be, where her body parts need to be, etc. and so on. Also, one of the most unique things about this guide is the “Climax Cue” excerpt at the bottom of each sex position. This explains how a woman reaches orgasm in that particular position and how you can tell. This is absolutely indispensable information that almost EVERY other sex positions guide has failed to achieve! Just this information alone is worth the price of the entire book, not to mention all the other cool tips inside.

The Bad

While Orgasmic Sex Positions is primarily about sex positions, it can be a little confusing at first when the book launches into several pages about female orgasms. Granted, most of the people who are looking at this guide are men who want to introduce their female partner to new sex positions and spice up their sex life, so most of the information is useful anyways. However, since this is a guide about sex positions for couples, it can leave the reader feeling a little lopsided as the information provided about a woman’s pleasure during sex heavily outweighs the information provided about a man’s.

The Bottom Line

Orgasmic Sex Positions is a really great guide on new and different sex positions you can try, and how they relate to the female orgasm. While men who can’t help their partners reach orgasm will benefit the most from this book, couples of all kinds will have tons of fun trying out these new positions – and the men will be incredibly thankful for the “Climax Cues” that let him know when his lady is loving it and about to reach peak and when she’s not. While the guide does at times beat you over the head with female pleasure instruction, there are plenty of people out there who could really use to read it! All in all, this is a great guide to get if you want to try some new positions out or find fun twists on your old favorites.

The Full Orgasmic Sex Positions Review

Sex positions can add a lot of variety to a boring sex life, or they can keep one fresh and exciting if you continually incorporate new sex positions into your routine. However, using your imagination can get you so far. Enter Orgasmic Sex Positions by popular sexpert Gabrielle Moore. Although many of her other sex improvement resources are far better than this one, you just don’t want to miss the laundry list of different ways to have sex – especially if you have trouble being sexually creative.

This guide is probably the best at educating men who have difficulty helping their partners reach orgasm how to do so with the use of a variety of different ways to have sex. Couples who have no trouble with orgasms and who just want to try some fun, new sex positions may find the approach a little “female pleasure instruction” heavy. However, that is not to say that couples of all kinds can benefit from this resource.

What You’ll Learn In Orgasmic Sex Positions:

  • All about the female orgasm
  • Details about a woman’s anatomy and how it plays into which sex positions you should choose
  • A chronology of a woman’s pleasure, from beginning to end
  • What the heck a “symphysis” is and how it can help you (and your partner) reach orgasm during sex
  • What to say and do during sex to make her feel sexy
  • How to properly do the Coital Alignment Technique
  • How to make missionary even more fun
  • How to tell if she’s faking orgasms (and what real orgasms look like)
  • How to give a woman multiple orgasms!

Orgasmic Sex Positions also includes a Q&A/Troubleshooting section, which can be helpful for guys who are having specific issues with trying new sex positions or helping their partner to reach orgasm.

You’ll also learn:

  • What to do if she’s not into it (so you can get her into it)
  • What to do if sex hurts
  • Why lube is absolutely IMPERATIVE during sex – a lot of people skip this and wonder why the sex is mediocre at best
  • What to do if your partner has gotten “desensitized” by her vibrator or sex toys
  • What sex toys to use during sex that enhance the sensations you create, not overpower them

Just remember that if you’re a guy who hasn’t been able to easily help his girl reach orgasms, that this book is right up your alley. But it’s not the only one you want to get if that’s where you’re coming from. Sure, different sex positions are great and all, but they’re not going to be wholly responsible for your lover’s pleasure and satisfaction no matter how many cool new ones you use. Many men make the mistake of thinking that what feels good for him feels good for her too – but such is not always the case. Just because it feels awesome when you stick it in her 20 different ways, doesn’t mean it feels as awesome on her end.

Consider investing in an oral sex guide for women, or a comprehensive lover’s guide in addition to this one if you have trouble helping your girl reach the big O. You’ll be glad you did.

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