Get The 10 Review

Get The 10 is a video series specifically created to help men build enough confidence and dating skills to raise the bar a little bit, but the tips and techniques the coaches go over can be applied to any dating scenario. A great deal of different topics are covered, from improving your confidence … [Read more...]

Mastering Her G Spot Review

Mastering Her G Spot is yet another guide claiming to teach men the secrets of giving women incredible, earth shattering g spot orgasms. However, the one difference between this book and all the others is that this one actually teaches you those secrets! Amazingly well done, visually intriguing and … [Read more...]

Text Your Ex Back Review

While the idea that you can save your relationship and get back together with your ex via text messages may seem a bit ludicrous at first, if you're hurting after a break up and want your partner back, this is definitely something you'll want to give a shot. Texting is rampant these days, with … [Read more...]

Flirting Formula Review

Flirting doesn't have to be difficult. Most guys are intimidated when it comes to flirting, but YOU don't have to be. The art of flirtation with a woman can be broken down into a science, and that's precisely what Flirting Formula does. From the first contact to the first date and more, Flirting … [Read more...]

Insider Internet Dating Review

Insider Internet Dating will teach you the skills you need to be successful with women online. You might consider it as the "pick up artist guide" for the internet age. There’s even a warning label, “This product is only intended for men looking to hook up with a lot of women.”The course is … [Read more...]