Pjur Lube & Personal Products Review

Pjur lube is made in Germany with only the finest quality ingredients. It truly is top of the line lube and a little really does go a long way. You’ll love the silky smooth feel of the lube and the fact that it doesn’t dry out as easily as other lubes. In repeated testing, Pjur trumped all other lubes in the categories of silkiness, long lasting and comfortable to use.

The Good

What is great about Pjur lube is that it has everything you’ve been looking for in a lube and more. If you’ve searched for the right lube and keep coming up with half empty, sticky bottles on your nightstand, it’s time to chuck those in the trash and see what Pjur has to offer. It truly is one of the best (if not THE best) personal lubricant manufacturer out there. Here’s what Pjur lubricants do, that most other lubes don’t:

  • Silky and natural feeling
  • Closest to natural vaginal secretions
  • Non-sticky
  • Doesn’t dry out easily
  • A small amount is usually all that is necessary, so the bottle lasts a long time
  • Some specialized products aren’t available anywhere else, such as the Woman Cream Glide
  • Natural ingredients that don’t harm the body
  • Doesn’t burn or itch both male or female partner
  • Anal glides are specifically formulated for anal play (either penetration or with sex toys)

The Bad

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Price Disclaimer

Pjur lube is high quality – so you can’t get it at your local drugstore or supermarket. There are plenty of lubes available at supermarkets, but none of them last as long or feel as natural as Pjur. You’ll have to order Pjur lube online and it’s a little more expensive than other brands, but it is well worth the investment. Also, it can be somewhat difficult to select the product that is right for you, because there are so many products to choose from!

There is the option of purchasing a few small “trial size” products, but not in all the products that are available. Also, it would be neat if more products were available with a pump (who wants to grab a lube bottle to add more when you already have sticky, wet hands?) but this caveat is negligible compared to what you’re getting when you get authentic Pjur lube.

The Bottom Line

Pjur lube is hands down the best lube available. When compared to well known national brands, Pjur trumps the competition again and again. When other lubes get sticky, Pjur is still silky smooth and wet. With plenty of products to choose, you can be sure that there’s a Pjur product that will meet your needs, whether you’re looking for an all natural lube, a silicone variety, a lightweight variety for masturbation or anything for anal sex, you’re going to find exactly what you need in the Pjur line of personal products.

Pjur lube isn’t available at your local supermarket, but it’s well worth the purchase and waiting for it to ship to your home. Although it is more expensive, only a few drops does the trick, so you are definitely investing wisely and will most likely save money in the long run. If you’re looking for the perfect lube to keep handy by the bedside and use for with sex toys or during whatever activity you want, Pjur lube is exactly what you want!

The Full Pjur Lube & Personal Products Review

Lube is necessary for great sex. Pjur lube tops all other lubes during testing time and again. Find out why YOU need Pjur lube instead of what you’re using!

Original Bodyglide

This is probably the most widely used Pjur product of their family of lubes, and it is the most basic. It’s a silicone based formula that can be used for pretty much anything. Water free and non-pore blocking, this lube is perfect for extended sex sessions to anal sex and masturbation. It’s also preservative and oil free, so it’s completely condom safe.

Pjur Gel

This product is similar to the Original Bodyglide, but it is a thicker gel formula. It is also silicone based, and it does get a little stickier simply because it’s a thicker lube. This is an excellent product to use for anal play, because it’s nice and thick and doesn’t dry out easily. It’s not likely that you’ll have to apply much more throughout sex. It is also suitable for vaginal sex but can be a little difficult to wash out afterwards for a clean feeling.

Pjur Light Silicone Lube

If you’re looking for a silicone lube in it’s lightest formula, this is the one you want to get. It’s so light it almost feels like water based, but you can definitely tell that it’s silicone due to the fact that it lasts longer and feels a little “oilier.” Again, this product does not contain oil so it’s perfectly condom safe. This is a better choice if you choose to use silicone lube for vaginal sex.

Pjur Aqua Lube

This is probably the most popular water based lube that Pjur manufactures. As far as water based lubricants go, this one takes the cake. It’s super silky and feels almost exactly like natural vaginal secretions. It can be used simply to condition the skin if you have a dry vagina, or it can be used during sex for the smoothest glide possible during penetration. It’s non-toxic, doesn’t contain spermicides, and is stain free and tasteless, so you could theoretically even use it for oral sex if you like (although most people prefer flavored lubes for oral sex). This product even claims that no clean up is required!

Pjur Basic Waterbased

This is probably the most basic, inexpensive water based lube that you can get from Pjur. But that doesn’t mean that it’s an inferior product! After rigorous testing, the basic formula still came in high above other popular competing brands. If you want to try a Pjur product but want something a little more affordable, this one is your best bet. It’s condom safe, body safe and can be used for any activity you like, from foreplay to hot and wild sex.

Pjur Med Natural Glide

By far the favorite out of all the Pjur products, the Med Natural Glide is the closest thing to natural vaginal secretions that you’re going to get. With the exception of the fact that it is usually cool when it comes out of the bottle, you really can’t tell a difference between this product and natural wetness! This is a water based lubricant that uses only all natural ingredients including pure plant glycerin. It’s also free of paraffin products, colors, perfumes or anything synthetic. This is the perfect product for men and women who have very sensitive skin down there! This product does not burn or itch and the silky glide is superior over all the others.

Woman Cream Glide

Now this is an interesting concept! Many people choose to use petroleum jelly as lubrication during sex or anal sex, because of it’s thick, gel/oil like consistency. This can be very dangerous if you’re using condoms or dental dams, because petroleum jelly will break those right down (you might as well not use them if you’re using petroleum jelly). Besides, who wants to put crude oil products in their “down there” areas?

The Woman Cream Glide is a water and silicone based mixture that looks, feels and acts almost exactly like petroleum jelly! Fans of super slippery, thin water based lubes aren’t going to like this product, however, if you’re using petroleum jelly or would like to, you need to use THIS PRODUCT! This stuff stays where you put it and is a perfect companion with sex toys, both for vaginal and anal use.

Analyse Me Relaxing Anal Glide

Desensitizing lubes are a huge “no-no” when it comes to anal sex – if anal sex hurts at all, you need to be able to feel it. So if you numb that area with a desensitizing lube, you’re really not doing yourself any favors. Pjur, however, has come out with their own version of an anal lube that uses pure, gentle jojoba extract to relax the anal sphincter without desensitizing it. This lube is perfect for anal sex beginners, or anyone who just wants to experiment with anal play and would like a lube that helps relax the muscles a little.

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