PUMA Skills: Magic For Attraction Review

PUMA Skills: Magic For Attraction teaches men how to perform simple magic tricks to catch a woman’s interest. So can you really pick up women with card or coin tricks? The simple answer is yes – even though it sounds corny at first, you can pretty much guarantee that there aren’t a lot of other guys out there doing this to attract girls. So yes, you are going to pique her interest – but for how long?

The Good

There really are some pretty neat magic tricks in here. You might not think that a simple magic trick will make a woman want to go out with you, but when you watch these tricks in action, you’re definitely going to see how a woman might strike up a conversation with you – if only to ask “Hey, how did you do that?”

The Bad

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The video quality is mediocre at best – you’ll want to pop in your headphones for these so you can clearly hear the instructions over the echos. Also, while doing magic tricks to attract women might work in theory, you still need to have confidence and good timing to pull it off. What PUMA Skills: Magic For Attraction lacks is enough information on how to actually use the magic tricks in the context of introducing yourself to a girl or asking her out.

The Bottom Line

If you’re into magic tricks – or just need something a little extra to set you apart from the crowd – this website can definitely be an asset. You’ll learn some great little tricks that will impress a few women, but make sure you can follow up a neat trick with a great conversation. Check out some other dating resources on how to talk to women after the initial dazzle of the magic trick has worn off.

The Full PUMA Skills: Magic For Attraction Review

Dating and picking up women can be intimidating. PUMA Skills can help – learn how to get a girl’s attention with simple but effective magic tricks!

PUMA Skills stands for “pick up magic artist” – so can you really pick up women with simple magic tricks? Will you impress her with coin or card tricks? While it may sound corny, don’t knock it until you try it. You can actually start dating girls by showing off a few “bar tricks.” They’re a great way to catch a girl’s eye and get her to approach you – or to strike up a conversation about how you did the trick.

There are quite a few magic tricks on the website, so you’ll rarely have to repeat the same thing twice. You’ll probably want to get really good at a couple and then move on to learning more. The videos, however, are somewhat difficult to hear and the quality is less than top notch. However, you can still turn the volume up, throw on a pair of headphones and learn how to perform each magic trick yourself.

The creator of the website and video show does go into some detail about how to approach a girl and introduce yourself with the magic tricks, but none of this information is available as concrete, easy to follow text on the website. If you want to start dating women by using magic tricks, PUMA Skills can provide you with the how-to part, but you may need to supplement it with some good old fashioned dating guides. You need more than just a few tricks to really make a woman remember you, so try out other dating guides to help you put the entire process together.

Some things you can expect to learn from PUMA Skills: Magic For Attraction are:

  • Coin tricks
  • Card tricks
  • Levitation tricks
  • Bar tricks
  • Tons of other tricks

With website membership, you also get several bonus items.

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