Sex In The Shower – Single Locking Foot Rest Review

This Single Locking Foot Rest is designed to make sex in the shower easier and safer by providing optimal angle of entry for vaginal or anal penetration. Although the concept is great, the actual product leaves a lot to be desired.

The Good

The Single Locking Foot Rest is reasonably priced, so if you try and don’t like it, you’re not out a lot of cash.

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It does offer some support in achieving better positioning in the shower and is easy to remove and store if you don’t want it hanging out in your shower the whole time. Also great for ladies to use to shave their legs while showering!

The Bad

The Single Locking Foot Rest doesn’t always “lock” and tends to slide around. It also doesn’t hold much weight – you’re better off with one foot (and most of your weight) on the tub floor or ledge. The foot rest will, however, help hold your leg up so you can achieve a better angle for sex. It’s also somewhat difficult to set up. Avoid if you have a tile shower – you can get it to lock well if you have a smooth wall to use – like in a fiberglass tub – but if you have tile and grout, it won’t work as well.

The Bottom Line

While your soap dish might be a better bet than the Single Locking Foot Rest, you can move this one around to where you need it. It’s not going to hold all your weight, but with some creativity, you can use it to prop your leg up for different angles during sex – or for shaving.

The Full Sex In The Shower Single Locking Foot Rest

Sex in the shower is incredibly fun and I have to say, when I saw the Single Locking Foot Rest, I got pretty excited. I started imagining all of the possibilities of different ways to have sex in the shower! The products are white, they’re 2.5 x 2 x 3.5 inches in dimension, and weigh about a pound each.

I bought two and could not wait to try them out, but when using them for the first time during sex in the shower, it was a pretty major let down. First off, they don’t hold much weight at all. I weigh about 120, and even with my partner supporting most of my weight, these things were sliding all over the place. Secondly, they sort of put a damper on the moment because we kept stopping the action to try to fix them. To be honest, the sex got much better when we just stopped trying to mess with them.

The Single Locking Foot Rest works much better on a smooth shower surface than it does a tile surface. The breaks for the grout in the tile causes air to get into the suction cup, making it slide around even more or possibly pop off. If you have a fiberglass shower or can place it somewhere on your tub, it may work better for you.

I didn’t want to give up after only trying once, so, on my own, I spent about 10 minutes getting them to really “lock.” It can be done, but only if you don’t mind putting the extra time and effort into it. Because this product allows you to get into some really randy sex positions in the shower, the extra effort is worth it. Also, this sex toy has a perfect companion – the Sex In The Shower Handle. The handle holds much more weight, so if you get both, you can simply use the it as an actual foot “rest” without trying to put all your weight on it.


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