Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy: How To Be A Sex Goddess And Blow His Mind Review

Every woman can become a sex goddess. No matter what she looks like, who she hangs around or what “stereotype” she fits in, she can become sex on legs – and have every guy completely jealous of the guy she’s with. If you want to learn how to be a complete and total SEX GODDESS and have your man lapping at your feet because you’ve pleased him better than every other girl he’s ever been with, Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy will show you exactly how to do it!

Once you read this guide, you’ll know enough sex tips and techniques to indulge your partner in his deepest, darkest fantasies and show him that you’re a lady in the living room, but a FREAK in the bedroom! These sex tips really will drive him crazy and have him lusting after you more than ever before.

The Good

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Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy really is comprehensive – there’s no stone that is left unturned here. Now keep in mind that this book covers so many topics, that most of them are broad – you’re going to get several blowjob and foreplay tips, but you may find a need to expand on specific areas (such as oral sex) when you’ve mastered everything in this guide. This book covers everything from foreplay to blowjobs, to sex positions to what to do after sex so you don’t kill the great buzz you just gave your man.

You’ll learn how to give him the best orgasm he’s ever had (HINT: It involves the big toe) and make sure you’re the best he’s ever, ever had. There are sex tips in this guide that other women are terrified you’ll find out, because they will catapult you into a sex goddess status that overshadows most other girls. Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy will teach you the sex techniques you need to know to please your man, but it will also teach you how to be confident in yourself and your ability to be a sexual prowess – and that’s what really matters.

The Bad

Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy is long and not broken up well into paragraphs and subheadings, making it difficult to read. If this were a man’s guide, he wouldn’t be able to get through the first 10 pages. Fortunately, most women don’t mind reading and will really delve into this book – because there’s a lot of great information contained within.

The website promises a short read, but you’d better prepare yourself for more of a “hot cup of tea and several hours of free time” sort of thing. But when you do walk away from this guide, you’re definitely going to be a hell of a lot more confident about yourself, your sexuality and your ability to please a man – YOUR man. So yeah, the sex tips you get make it worth the long read.

The Bottom Line

Pretty much everything you’re looking for in how to please a man is in Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy. If you want a single, complete guide on how to boost your sexual self confidence, learn how to look, feel and BE sexy and learn how to give your man pleasure beyond anything he’s ever felt before – THIS is the guide you want to get!

It’s a broad coverage of pretty much everything, so if you want to get more specific (such as becoming a pro at blowjobs only) you’ll probably want to get another guide in addition to this one. But if you just want to up your game several notches and be the walking bombshell you know you are, Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy is the right purchase for you. You’ll be glad you bought it when your man is screaming your name and begging for you to never stop!

The Full Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy Review

Sex tips are definitely something you should arm yourself with if you want to make an impression on your man. If you want to go beyond making an impression and make sure you’re the best sex your guy has ever had from anyone, read Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy. THESE sex tips will BLOW his mind!

What You’ll Learn In Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy:

  • How to UNLEASH your inner sex goddess!
  • How to give him the best blowjob he’s ever had
  • All of his hot spots (including the ones even HE doesn’t know about!)
  • How to get through his tough exterior and melt his heart
  • How to get him hard before you ever put your hands (or mouth) on him!
  • How to completely customize your own sex tips so everything you do is totally unique

In this guide, there’s also:

  • A HUGE section on sex positions that will blow his mind
  • A short guide on sexting and how to use your cell phone to turn him on
  • A section on why you should never, ever fake an orgasm (it can RUIN your sex life)
  • A guide on how to romance your man without being cheesy or fake

The Best Part

Probably the best part about Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy is that the guide allows you to mix and match the sex tips you learn to create your own custom style. This is especially effective as you try out all of the different sex tips you learn and find out what your guy responds to best (if you’re in a long term relationship). You can tailor your sexual repertoire specifically to what drives YOUR man insane in the bedroom. THAT’S when you’ll truly be the best he’s ever had.

Of course, this does also work with casual sex to some degree, because you’ll eventually learn what sex tips you are able to do best and you can stick to those. However, keep in mind that it will be different for every guy, so you’ll need to have a much more rounded game. Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy will give you what you need for that too!

Bad Girls Only Bonus

The “Bad Girls Only Bonus” that is included in Sex Tips To Drive Him Crazy is where it really gets naughty. Each section has a “Bad Girls Only” epilogue that shows you how to put a super sexy, naughty twist on the sex tips you just learned. Some of these sex tips just aren’t for the faint of heart! These are ones you’re going to want to keep up your sleeve, and pull them out for extra special occasions or when you’re just feeling super horny and want to show your man just how naughty you can be. What you’ll learn in this bonus guide is:

  • How to do a lap dance (without looking stupid)
  • How to striptease (again, without looking like you’re having a seizure)
  • The HOTTEST, NAUGHTIEST move you could EVER do during oral sex
  • How to satisfy his deepest, darkest and dirtiest desires!

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