Text The Romance Back Review

Text The Romance Back is the perfect guide for men who want to bring back the heat in their relationships. Whether your relationship is on the rocks and you need to resuscitate it quickly, or you just want to surprise your significant other with a new way of being ultra romantic, this guide is for you.

The Good

A navigation bar to the left of the screen makes it easy to flip through the different sections in Text The Romance Back. Much easier to navigate through than your traditional e-book that requires you to scroll through all the pages just to get where you want to go.

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Michael really understands women and how they think, which is part of what makes this guide so effective. Understanding how women think and feel is the best way to create texts and conversations that get her to open up to you romantically, or to get her to release her inhibitions and feel sexual with you.

Also, for men who don’t enjoy reading as much as they do listening, there are audio files included for both Text The Romance Back and Facebook Romance Secrets. Pop it in your CD player in the car, or upload it to your music player and listen while going on your morning jog!

The Bad

There aren’t a whole lot of bad things to say about Text The Romance Back, except for if you’re looking for a book with nothing but text examples, you’re not going to find it. Michael provides many examples, but he also provides the information to back it up. Take the time to read through the manual, even if only a little at a time. Understanding the material presented is key to making this work!

Also, men looking for ways to turn their partner on sexually will find better use with Michael Fiore’s other guide, Text Your Wife Into Bed. There are some references to sex in Text The Romance Back, but many more in the sexting guide.

The Bottom Line

Text The Romance Back is an excellent guide if you want an easy way to communicate with your lover and bring back the spark you once had together. If the romance in your relationship has faded and the sex just isn’t as good as it once was, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

The Full Text The Romance Back Review

Romance can die in a relationship, but you don’t have to let it. Text The Romance Back is a complete guide to using your cell phone to ignite that spark that used to be in your relationship but is no longer there. The guide is well written and organized, readers can click through the table of contents on a navigation bar to the left of the book, rather than having to scroll through the entire book to get the information you’re looking for.

Michael begins the book with a “who this is for and who it’s not for” and fortunately, he illustrates that almost everyone will be able to benefit from Text The Romance Back. Who won’t? Abusive partners or people who want to try to change their partner or their behavior. Fair enough.

The information age has taken us all by storm, and we’re all pretty much addicted to our cell phones. They’re our outlet to the world – they allow you to check your email, Facebook, texts, chat, the time, etc., etc. Michael suggests that your partner would probably be devastated if you asked them to go unplugged for any length of time, and let’s face it – he’s probably right. So here’s where Text The Romance Back comes in. You’re not going to try to pry your partner away from their cell phone to try to reconnect with them emotionally and physically – instead, you’re going to do it through the cell phone. Crazy? Not so much.

Why Text The Romance Back Works So Well

Women are different from men and respond to different emotional and sexual stimuli. A woman isn’t going to get turned on very much by pure naked porn, while a man will get an erection from seeing a naked woman in just several seconds. Women, however, are more turned on by language. By communicating with a woman in the way that she responds to best – by using words and language – you’re opening her up to more romance, and by proxy, more sex.

This isn’t just a concept guide either – in Text The Romance Back, there are plenty of “why’s” and “how’s,” but even more actual examples of texts that you can use with your partner. This is a must have for guys who aren’t incredibly imaginative or have trouble coming up with things to say. Michael not only gives you an explanation on why texting your partner works so well, but he also shows you exactly what works. Creative guys will have even more fun with this, because they can take the examples that Michael gives and put their own spin on them or elaborate on them.

Curiosity Builds Romance

Sending your partner a sensual or even romantic text isn’t going to work very well if you don’t set her up for it first. Yes, you have to “bait” her. You need to get her interested in the conversation by creating curiosity. Michael shows you exactly how to do that, again, with examples of actual texts you can use to awaken her curiosity and get her texting back and forth with you furiously.

Private Conversations

In Text The Romance Back, Michael says that one of the most effective ways to create romance and passion is to have a secret, private conversation through text when you and your partner are actually in the same room! Silly as that might seem, women actually love this. It’s because women can do many more things at once than men – they can text you and carry on a titillating conversation with you via cell phone, all while putting on a professional front and perhaps carrying on a completely different conversation at the dinner table or at a work meeting. You’ll learn how to ignite her passion by texting her secretly while in the very same room with her and while doing something completely different. She will love it!

“Hot” Words

Michael also gives examples throughout the guide about what words to use and when. He knows which words will trigger what in a woman’s brain, and translates that into the guide in an easy to understand way. While many men won’t initially know how a woman responds to words as simple as “feel” or “remember,” after reading Text The Romance Back, they’ll know exactly what words to say at the right time to get her thinking exactly about YOU!

Long Distance Love

Whether you’re in a long distance relationship for an extended period of time, or your partner has just gone away on a business trip, your cell phones can help keep you and your partner intensely connected – perhaps even more so than if you were physically together! Michael shows you how to build your lover’s anticipation while you’re away through texts, so that the connection between you two when you finally get back together is ultra hot and intense!


Michael also writes a companion guide, called Text Your Wife Into Bed. The concept is similar – using your cell phone to communicate sensually with your lover. However, Text The Romance Back is geared more towards relationships, while Text Your Wife Into Bed focuses more on how to improve your sex life through sexting.

Facebook Romance Secrets

No information product is complete without at least one good bonus product, and Michael certainly doesn’t flake out on them. Aside from cell phones, Facebook is one of the most rapidly growing ways to communicate with people on the Internet. Sure, it’s social media and you can “friend” your neighbor, your boss or your old friends from high school. But why not use it to increase the romance with your lover?

The written guide is based on the audio file transcripts, so people who like to read and want to see clear, well organized information (like in an e-book) are going to be disappointed. Never mind that, because the information contained in the audio file is pretty helpful and definitely worth a listen!

All in all, Text The Romance Back is an excellent guide that will help you learn how to communicate with your lover via cell phone and not only improve your relationship, but also improve your emotional and sexual connection with your lover. A must have if you want to have romantic and sexy conversations with your partner through text!

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