Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

Text Your Wife Into Bed is a series of modules (in either mp3 format or presentation format with or without audio) that will teach you how to use sexting to seduce your partner and get her to want you more than ever before.

The Good

Text Your Wife Into Bed is a full program that shows you why sexting works so well, and takes you through the process step by step with exact examples you can use. Michael is friendly and straightforward, often jumping right to the point. There’s not a lot of fluff here – you’ll learn exactly what to do in a short amount of time.

The Bad

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Some of the phrases used can be a little dominating – not good for women who don’t enjoy being dominated, or women who were sexually abused in the past. However, with a little creativity, you can tone it down and still use the concepts presented in the course without being too domineering.

The Bottom Line

The Text Your Wife Into Bed program is an excellent course for men who want to spice up their sex lives and be able to turn their partners on like they never have been able to before. Men who take this course will love being able to get her wet without ever having to touch her, and women will love that their partners are FINALLY understanding how they want to be seduced!

The Full Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

Sexting a woman can make her hotter than any other technique you could use. Here’s how to use sexting to get a girl to want you before you even get home!

The Text Your Wife Into Bed program offers six modules that will teach you how to use sexting to seduce your partner and get them hot and horny before you ever walk in the door from work. Believe it or not, the simple push of a button will go directly to the part of your lover’s brain that is responsible for arousal – so yes, you’re turning them on “with the push of a button.”

Michael illustrates that the difference between men and women is primarily why sexting works so well for women. Men get more aroused by visual stimuli, such as porn or seeing naked girls, while women get more turned on by words and language.

The course teaches you how to be dominant when it comes to sex, because women respond very well to confident and dominant men. Now, there’s a disclaimer here – this course won’t work well for women who have been sexually abused in some way. These types of women should not be dominated, and Michael stresses the importance of being empathetic and supportive towards women that have been abused in the past. That said, he outlines the difference between creepy domination and good domination – and shows you how to be the latter.

Step By Step

In the second module of Text Your Wife Into Bed, Michael gets to the actual meat of the course with step by step instructions on how to start the sexting “game.” You can’t launch into how much you want to bend your partner over and spank her right off the bat. If the first message you send her says something like that, you’re probably going to do the opposite of turn her on – you’re probably going to offend her.

Fortunately, Michael knows how women work and walks you through the process of flirting and creating curiosity first, before getting to the really juicy stuff. He also gives examples of good ways to set the “bait” for your partner to bite.

Once you’ve created curiosity, Michael talks you through how to make a woman feel sexy and confident in the fact that she can turn you on. You’ll learn how to tell a woman – through sexting – how great she makes you feel. This, in turn, will make her want to please you even more!

Sensual Storytelling

The best part of the Text Your Wife Into Bed course is the section in which he shows you exactly how to tell a sensual story to get your partner so turned on, her panties will be wet just thinking about what you sent her. There’s a reason that women love romancenovels so much – and Michael really brings that home here. You’ll learn exactly what to say to ignite your lover’s imagination and get her thinking about you – and only you. You’ll learn the right language to use and exactly how to tell her what you want to do to her (and what you want her to do to you) in a way that gets her unbelievably aroused.

The last step in the Text Your Wife Into Bed program is sealing the deal, which means actually getting laid! Once you’ve done all the prep-work (because for a woman, sexting is actually intense foreplay), it’s not difficult to get to the sex part – however, Michael does show you how to build the anticipation to a fever pitch so it takes very little effort to transition from sexting to sex.

Bonus Materials

The Waterfall

A slide-show course on how to talk your partner through an on-command orgasm. This is actually a form of hypnosis, but your partner doesn’t actually need to be technically “hypnotized” for this to work. The majority of this module is Michael actually talking through the commands, which leaves nothing for a guy to guess at when he tries this technique on his own.

The 4 Day Icebreaker

A PDF that shows you, step by step, how to introduce your partner to the idea of intimate sexting. Michael suggests using this guide to “test the waters” before jumping into full on sexting. He’s right here – you definitely want to gauge how your partner will react before you start really sexting.

The Text Your Wife Into Bed Black Book

Called the sexting “bible,” this PDF file contains some really valuable stuff, including:

  • Complete examples of sexts that you can use
  • Scripted back and forth conversations that show you how sexting evolves
  • Story lines
  • A cheat sheet

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Text Your Wife Into Bed is a full course on how to use sexting to turn your lover on at the push of a button. Not only will you learn how a woman thinks and feels about sex and why sexting works so well for girls, you’ll also learn specific examples and the exact steps you need to take to get this to work for you.


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