The Dirty Talk Handbook Review

The Dirty Talk Handbook is a complete guide on how to talk sexy to a man and have him begging for more in just minutes. It’s written by a man, so there’s no question about what phrases REALLY turn a man on – and which ones don’t. This book is easy to read and starts with the basics, so it’s a perfect guide for ladies who have never experimented with dirty talk before.

The Good

Unlike many dirty talk guides, The Dirty Talk Handbook offers a number of pages with actual, real life examples of dirty talk that any woman can use on her man. That’s not the best part though – each phrase is written three ways. Pick the phrase that you want to use depending on your mood, whether you’re feeling sweet and sexy or down and dirty.

The Bad

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Advanced users may find the introduction to The Dirty Talk Handbook a little long winded, simply because this guide really is geared towards girls who are just getting their feet wet with talking naughty to their partners. Some of the phrases on the example pages might work well for experienced women, but that’s about it. Also, there is SOME hardcore talk (depending on your views of hardcore) but most of it is mild to medium in spice.

The Bottom Line

The The Dirty Talk Handbook is an excellent beginner’s guide for ladies who want to understand more about dirty talk, why it turns men on and how to do it the right way. Well worth the money not only for the expert tips and unique dirty talk examples, but also for all the bonus material you get when you download the product!

The Full Dirty Talk Handbook Review

The Dirty Talk Handbook is a beginner’s guide for ladies who want to explore talking dirty in the bedroom and driving their men absolutely wild! Men love sex – they love to see it, feel it and hear it. They love to have every single one of their senses involved in the act of having sex! It’s easy for a man to see and feel sex, but he’s not going to hear it unless you start making some noise. Dirty talk is a way of engaging their sense of hearing into sex, as well as involving their imagination by describing things that turn them on!

While it sounds simple, a lot of girls struggle with the concept of how to dirty talk without feeling self-conscious. This guide eases girls into the idea of talking dirty to their partners, slowly introducing them to the concept by discussing why men love it and how you can use it to improve your sex life.

There are seven simple secrets to delicious dirty talk according to The Dirty Talk Handbook, and the author wastes no time in delving into these tips so you can get started working on your game right away. Newbies will appreciate the in depth discussion on the overall concept of talking dirty, however, girls who have tried it before may be too excited to stay there and will probably skip ahead to the juicy stuff.

That doesn’t mean that this book isn’t good for advanced dirty talkers though – because there are a lot of really good tidbits inside that can help any woman improve the skills she already has. For example, ladies will learn to control their tone of voice, their facial expressions and their body language to make it even more powerful.

One of the biggest problems that girls have with talking naughty in the bedroom is knowing beforehand what their guy wants to hear. What if they say something wrong, or embarrass themselves in some way? Thankfully, this guide addresses the huge problem of knowing what to say at the right time by teaching a woman to determine what kind of personality their guy has – and thus, what naughty things he wants to hear come out of her mouth.

Of course, probably the best thing that this guide has to offer is actual examples of what you can say. What is unique about these examples is that the author actually puts a three different spins on the same phrase, so you can choose whether to say something in a slightly nicer way, or let it all out and be as naughty as you can. There are tons of real life examples (some sound a little corny, but most of them are either super sweet or really hot) and even mock conversations that illustrate how you might say a particular phrase.

If you don’t want to use the author’s pre-made suggestions on what to say, there’s a section with several “hot” words you can use to build your own dirty talk phrases. This section could be a little bigger for more variety, however, it’s definitely a decent sized list that will get you started.

Some priceless things you will learn from this guide are:

  • How to make him constantly want more. And more. And more.
  • How to avoid saying the wrong thing and getting embarrassed.
  • How to make it sound completely natural, like you’ve been doing it forever.
  • How to make your words more powerful with body language and facial expressions.
  • How to take it to the next level with role play ideas.

Overall, The Dirty Talk Handbook is a worthwhile investment for any woman who wants to try dirty talk, but especially for ladies who are new to the concept. You’ll definitely utilize almost all the information in the book – and you can also get some useful information out of the many bonus products that are included with the download:

  • Pillow Talk 101
  • How To Have Sizzling Phone Sex
  • The Top 100 Sex Secrets
  • 1o1 Romantic Ideas
  • The Secret To Great Sex
  • Classic Kama Sutra
  • The Guide To Great Road Head

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