Ejaculation Guru Review

Ejaculation Guru is step-by-step guide that teaches men how to last longer in bed. From sex positions to breathing techniques and more, it includes everything a man with even the most severe case of premature ejaculation needs to know to be able to last over half an hour or more in bed.

The Good

The strategies work. The techniques inside are based on the very things author, Jack Grave, used to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 35 minutes. The methods Jack recommends vary widely, but are all well explained and easy to carry out. Some of them even produce instant results to help you last longer, but none of these techniques involve needing to buy any “extras” like pills, creams, special condoms or any gadgets. It’s all 100% natural.

The Bad

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The author takes a while before he actually gets to talking about the strategies. The opening section includes some advice on goal setting and “personal development” stuff that isn’t totally necessary if you just want to get straight to the point and start learning some of the techniques and secrets, but ultimately you can just skip that section if you’re not interested.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a man struggling with premature ejaculation or feel like you should be lasting longer in bed then this guide will solve that problem. You’ll learn that premature ejaculation isn’t caused by your genes, what your woman does in bed, bad luck or anything else, but instead by you doing a few negative things during sex that cause premature ejaculation without you even realizing it. And author Jack Grave walks you through exactly what changes to make so lasting long in bed becomes natural and permanent.

The Full Ejaculation Guru Review

Ejaculation Guru does a great job of explaining all the strategies and methods for lasting longer in bed. The earlier stages of the guide are more conceptual to give you a deeper understanding of why premature ejaculation happens and this helps you to get the most out of the techniques explained later in book.

Why Premature Ejaculation Happens

In an early section of the guide Jack explains that one of the ways that premature ejaculation happens is when a man’s arousal levels rise beyond his control. This means that one of the ways to end premature ejaculation is to become aware of your arousal levels and learn to stop them from going out of control. And he gives several interesting methods of doing this with your mind. He also maintains that lasting long in bed is not about taking the pleasure out of sex, but rather learning to control it so you can enjoy the satisfaction of long lasting pleasurable sex.

Ejaculation Guru then details some of the important mindsets needed to last longer in bed. This is a really important section, because he blows out some of the common myths about premature ejaculation and what women really think about it and also gives you some powerful methods for getting rid of anxiety, nerves and worry, which happen to be huge contributors to premature ejaculation.

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

The place where it really picks up momentum is in the main and largest section of the guide, which is on the physical approaches to ending premature ejaculation. In this section Jack discusses several simple physical changes men should make to what they do during sex to last longer.

For example, Jack points out that a man’s heart-rate is intimately linked with how long he lasts in bed. Many men who don’t last very long in bed often have very high heart rates during sex. Of course during sex almost no-one takes the time to think about their heart-rate, but what Jack does is provide a few easy ways you can reduce your heart-rate to help you last longer. And one of the techniques he recommends for doing this is to take slow deep breaths while having sex. Although you’ll have to fight your instincts to breathe quick shallow breaths Jack explains how taking slow deep breaths during sex helps significantly in lasting longer.

In Ejaculation Guru, Jack covers many different techniques for lasting longer, ranging from very simple to slightly more complex and also recommends making some changes to your masturbation habits. Without going into too much detail he advises you to take more time while masturbating, because his research shows that how long you masturbate for conditions how long your body will last during sex.

All in all, Jack offers many great strategies for lasting longer, including both psychological and physical strategies, meaning you’ve got a wide selection of methods to choose from. It doesn’t take more than the application of two or three of his strategies to last measurably longer in bed and with a just a little bit of commitment the goal of lasting over 30 minutes is more than achievable with this material.

As part of Ejaculation Guru package, Jack also offers the following free bonuses…

Bonus #1 – Last Longer During Foreplay

This works really well in combination with the main Ejaculation Guru guide and it’s targeted to any man who feels like they don’t get the full enjoyment out of foreplay because they don’t last long enough. Although a lot of the information inside Ejaculation Guru can be used in itself to help a man last longer during foreplay, this bonus guide provides a good supplement of specific information that regular advice on lasting longer during sex doesn’t cover.

Bonus #2 – Multiple Orgasm Oral Sex: The Guide

This includes all the essentials every man must know about oral sex. Inside Jack explains several ways to give a woman incredible oral sex and get her to experience intense orgasms. The methods he discusses are surprisingly simple to carry out, but are very effective at giving her pleasure. If you’ve ever wanted to know what to do to give a woman incredible pleasure through oral sex then this will help you achieve exactly that.

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