The Female Orgasm Black Book Review

The Female Orgasm Black Book is a handy guide on how to give a woman incredible, mind blowing orgasms. Your girl will love the techniques i this book! This manual is a plain-and-simple, instructional guide on how to give women mind blowing orgasms. The information is intended to help, men, women and couples achieve female orgasms and have a more fulfilling sexual relationship.

The Good

Lee Jenkins, the author of the Female Orgasm Black Book, seems to know just about everything there is to know about female orgasms! Whether you want to know about female anatomy, the basics of a female orgasm or how to give your girl an orgasm in a variety of different ways, this ebook has more information than you’ll know what to do with! This is truly a “one stop shop” when it comes to learning about female orgasms.

The Bad

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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The introduction contains lots of useful information, but those looking to get down to business may find it a bit long winded. Also, getting to the big “O” is a two way street – she needs to learn how to be open to receiving an orgasm because if she’s not, your best efforts will be wasted. Unfortunately, the “Tips For The Woman In Your Life” section is a bit short and leaves plenty to be desired if your woman wants to learn how she can best prepare herself for an orgasm. A great companion manual to the Female Orgasm Black Book is Faster Female Orgasm, written by Jessica Perez. Here your partner will learn how to control her own orgasms, so she can have one every time!

The Bottom Line

The Female Orgasm Black Book is a great tool for learning all there is to know about a woman and how she reaches orgasm. Lee understands the importance of not only arming yourself with lots of “tips and tricks” to use in the bedroom, but also with the knowledge of how a woman’s body and mind really works. There’s no way you won’t be a master of female orgasms if you read the Female Orgasm Black Book in its entirety and truly employ the techniques he teaches in the bedroom.

The Full Female Orgasm Black Book Review

Lee starts the Female Orgasm Black Book off with a great introduction, explaining in depth just what exactly an orgasm is for a woman and what it means both physically and emotionally for her to get one. Then he’s off to the races for a very detailed lesson in female anatomy, where he illustrates everything from the all-important clitoris to the lesser known and harder to find g-spot. While the chapter on anatomy may make you feel a bit like you’re studying for a test in advanced gynecology, Lee’s intentions here are hard to argue with. Knowing a woman’s sexual anatomy backwards and forwards will give you quite the edge when it comes time to actually give your lover an orgasm.

For many men, a woman’s g-spot is difficult, if not impossible to find. However, Lee goes into detail with both verbal and pictoral instructions telling you not only how to find a woman’s g-spot but also how to stimulate it and leave her absolutely breathless. He also goes in depth about a woman’s other sensitive spots, because any woman will tell you that going straight for the gold will usually get you nowhere. The Female Orgasm Black Book will tell you exactly which spots on your lover’s body will have her writhing in pleasure, without even touching her vulva!

Perhaps the most powerful section of the Female Orgasm Black Book is the “Female Orgasm Blueprint” found in Chapter 4. Lee takes the elusive female orgasm and breaks it down into sections, teaching you step by step how to bring your partner to orgasm again and again. You’ll find helpful maps and diagrams that actually show you how a woman’s orgasm happens from start to finish. Lee also goes into great detail to explain how a woman’s body reacts to excitement and the things you need to look for to let you know you’re on the right track to giving her the big “O.”

Lee wraps up the Female Orgasm Black Book with lots of helpful tips on how to help your partner become sexually attracted to you, how to get her to relax and open up to having an orgasm and an ultra explicit section on how to perform oral sex on her. Many oral sex oriented guides give vague tips on how to go down on a woman, but Lee actually gives you numbered diagrams and an actual step by step,fool proof instruction manual on how to lick a woman into orgasmic frenzy.

Included with the download of the Female Orgasm Black Book are several handy “special reports,” including:

Best Sex Positions

A short but sweet manual highlighting the best positions for female orgasms, including several positions you’ve never tried as well as some great twists on old classics like missionary or woman on top. Sex positions really are the “creme de la creme” of sex, and this manual will give you ideas on sex positions that you’ve never thought of before! Sex will never be boring again, and you’re bound to find tons of sex positions that will soon become you and your partner’s new favorites.

Orgasm Mastery

A manual full of exercises that you and your partner can do outside of the bedroom to increase her chances of having an orgasm inside the bedroom, such as tongue exercises for you and pelvic floor exercises for her. Learning step by step techniques will only get you so far when it comes to giving her an orgasm. If her muscles aren’t in peak form, it could take longer for hear to reach orgasm, and if your tongue isn’t in great shape, you’re going to tire easily. The tips in the Orgasm Mastery manual will prepare her for great orgasms and you for marathon oral sex!

Female Orgasm Blueprint

A detailed, graphic flow chart that takes you from the beginning of a woman’s orgasm to the end, and highlighting all the stages in between. A must have tool for truly understanding how the female orgasm works. Never before have you seen a female orgasm depicted this way, in an easy to understand flow chart that shows you step by step where she’s at in her orgasm and where she’s going next. An absolute must read if you want to really understand and control a woman’s pleasure.

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