The Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide Review

The Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide teaches you how to stimulate the prostate and turn a regular orgasm into a WOW orgasm!

While it’s pretty simple for most men to have an orgasm during sex, it’s just a regular ol’ orgasm unless the prostate gland is stimulated. That’s right – the prostate gland is like a woman’s g-spot, but for a guy. While the route to get there isn’t exactly favored by a lot of guys (sticking something up your anus may not be your idea of a good time) but the results are out of this world!

The Good

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If you’re looking for a guide on everything there is to know about the male prostate (including some information that you would probably consider TMI), the Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide is an excellent choice. There’s definitely no shortage of topics covered here, and no stone is left unturned when it comes to a man’s prostate gland. Whether it’s a discussion about reducing the risk of prostate cancer, how to get clean before and after a prostate massage and specific techniques to use, this book covers it all.

Although there are some spelling and grammatical errors that will leave you re-reading a sentence a few times to get the meaning of it, the author’s conversational tone is a welcome change from the usual dry, statistical feel of many of the other prostate massage guides out there. You’ll enjoy reading about prostate massage from a guy’s perspective – it’s almost like the author is talking to you one on one.

The Bad

The Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide isn’t for every man. For example, although the book does cover how to get over the squeamishness that many men have about anything touching or going in their butts, if you’re really really against the idea, this guide isn’t going to help all that much.

On a technical note, there are some spelling errors in the Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide, and there is a definite lack of visual engagement here. While the all text format may not be an issue for women, men learn best (and are intrigued more by) visual stimuli. Men who don’t enjoy reading are going to get bored about halfway through the book, if not earlier. On the plus side, there are decent headlines, so it’s not that difficult to skip around and find what you want, or reference back to a section after you’ve already read the whole thing.

The author doesn’t give much information about how to use condoms to keep anal sex toys clean, although he does suggest using a latex glove when using your fingers. (Neoprene or any non-latex glove can be used for guys that have a latex allergy, although the author does not suggest this). Other bits of missing information or sections that could be elaborated on more are what types of lube to use (everyone has heard of KY Jelly and in all honesty, there are much higher quality anal lubes out on the market today) and exactly how to clean your anal sex toys.

The Bottom Line

The Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide is a must for any man who is interested in exploring his body to the fullest during sex and receiving the most intense pleasure possible. While there are a few things that this guide could have done better (more pictures, please!), the value of the information contained within should not be underestimated. If it is difficult for you to read a huge chunk of text in one sitting, commit yourself to reading just a few sections at a time. It’s a lot to take in, so don’t expect to be able to catapult yourself to prostate heaven within ten minutes of reading the guide. However, with careful exploration of all the techniques in the book, you’ll be able to experience what men who have tried prostate massage call the “holy grail” of sex. It’s well worth the read!

The Full Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide Review

The Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide teaches you how to access your own pleasure button (and how to show your partner how to access it) so you can take your orgasms from ho-hum to “WOW!” Once you learn the right tips and techniques, you’ll be able to experience the most intense pleasure you’ve ever experienced during masturbation or sex with your lover.

Prostate massage can give men the most intense experience they’ve ever had during masturbation or sex, even more than the best handjob or blowjob they’ve ever gotten!

Here’s What You’ll Learn In The Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide:

  • What the prostate gland is and how to find it
  • Why massaging your prostate can improve your health and reduce your risk of cancer (by 30%!!)
  • How to get ready for prostate massage (cleanliness is a must!)
  • How to get over being squeamish about something in your butt
  • How to do it yourself during masturbation
  • Breathing techniques to help you relax your anus
  • Step by step instructions on how to massage the prostate
  • How to teach your partner to do it on you
  • Different types of male orgasms (yes, you can have different types too, it’s not just for the ladies!)
  • Anal sex toys to use during masturbation and sex to massage your prostate for you
  • And much, much more!

As you can see, there is truly an abundance of information here about all things prostate – so if that’s what you’re looking for, the Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide is pretty much everything you need. There are few guides out there that cover this topic in such detail.

The headlines and clear table of contents make it easy to skip around if you want to or quickly reference back to something you’ve already read. However, skipping around isn’t recommended. Although reading through the medical facts and statistics about the prostate may seem boring, it’s really for your own good. You don’t want to go sticking anything up your butt until you’re fully educated and fully informed. Skip around at your own risk!

In addition to the plethora of information found in the Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide, it’s actually good information – not a whole lot of fluff to speak of. The author cautions against using sex toys in the bum that don’t have a flared base, because yes, they can get lost up there – buying you an embarrassing trip to the emergency room. The author also discusses using plenty of lubrication (you absolutely CANNOT massage the prostate with ANYTHING – finger or toy – without lube) and notes that anal sex toys must be kept very, very clean to limit the spread of bacteria.

Overall, the Prostate Massage And Orgasm Guide is an all-in-one book that covers pretty much everything you would ever want to know about prostate massage from how to do it to how to teach your partner how to do it. While some sex tips guides may have small sections on prostate massage, if you’re looking to get into it (or even get better at doing it), THIS is the guide you want to get.

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