The Sex God Method Review

The Sex God Method, authored by Daniel Rose, is a complete and comprehensive guide to a dominant style of sexual mastery. The ideas presented in this book are not a collection of nifty tricks and techniques, but rather an entire system designed to turn you from a sexual dud to a confident and dominant sex god.

The Good

This guide has some great tips on going “outside the box” to please your partner. If you’re seeking to become a master of sex who can give a woman an orgasm so good it makes her curl her toes and claw at the headboard, this is the book for you. While this book does contain many suggestions that would be considered controversial by some, Daniel’s unconventional approach to great sex definitely has potential if used wisely. If you’re seeking a book that truly gives you a method on how to become a sex god, rather than simply a collection of little “tips or tricks” to improve your sex life, you’ll find this book very useful.

The Bad

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Daniel suggests that women desire a very strong, alpha type male. While there is definitely some truth to this, there is no information in the Sex God Method on how to please women who enjoy being dominant themselves. Both submissive and dominant women exist, but the important part is finding a woman who is compatible with your sexual attitude, whether you want to be in control or you want her to have the reigns. Many of the suggestions within the Sex God Method are very controversial, and may be better suited for couples that are in committed, trusting relationships rather than couples who haven’t been dating long or are just going on the first few dates.

The Bottom Line

When keeping in mind that the Sex God Method touches on some very opinionated topics, you’ll find some excellent tips on dirty talk and how to be a dominant lover. There are many women who enjoy a very strong, dominant type of man, and Daniel does a great job of educating the reader on how to appeal to this specific type of woman. If your partner really enjoys being in a submissive type role (even if only once in awhile for fun), you’ll find that Daniel’s suggestions are fresh and creative. Men who don’t wish to be dominant with their partners, or who are uncomfortable in the “alpha male” role will still find that the Sex God Method has lots of great information, although, it should be modified to fit your lifestyle and you and your partner’s comfort levels.

The Full Sex God Method Review

Daniel Rose, author of the Sex God Method, begins the book with his own story of geek-turned-sex-god. He begins with a very enlightening tale of a man who takes his six to eight hours of video gaming and turns it into six to eight hours of straight sex with his girlfriends (yes, more than one) and he aims to convince that even the most hardcore geek can turn into a sex machine and have women lined up at the door, begging for sex. After his transformation, Daniel suggests that all he had time for with his three girlfriends was nothing but sex! Daniel’s story will boost the confidence of even the most down-on-himself guy and will show him exactly what he needs to do to follow the path of becoming a total sex god.

The book moves into a criticism of several types of guys who just don’t seem to enjoy sex very much at all, including the Emotionless Robot and the Bedroom Technician. If you’re one of these types of guys who doesn’t get a lot of sex or enjoys sex only because he’s having sex, you’ll find that the next chapter tells you exactly how you can become a dominant master of sex with the Four Elements Of The Sex God System.

Daniel’s story of wildly passionate, forceful and powerfully pleasurable sex illustrates that some women really do enjoy dominant men, even past the point of pain. While you may not want to cause your partner direct pain when dominating her, the moral of the story here shows you just how much you can really do with a woman if you have the right attitude. Next, Daniel gives out some sage advice that all types of people can use, whether you’re with a woman who likes dominant men or not. He explains why an emotional connection and allowing yourself to let go during sex are extremely critical in being good at sex. Holding back your ability to let sex completely overwhelm you in the moment will only serve to make sex lukewarm for both you and your partner.

The next chapter, and possibly the remainder of Sex God Method, touches on several controversial topics. These suggestions can be taken literally if your partner truly desires to be in a submissive or even masochistic role, or they can be modified to fit you and your partner’s personalities and desires. If your partner does desire to be manhandled, and you desire to manhandle her, you will find lots of interesting ways to pleasure your partner and assert your sexual dominance in the bedroom. A section on dirty talk follows, which gives excellent samples of how to talk dirty (yet still in a dominant way) to your woman.

Perhaps the most touchy subject within the Sex God Method is the section on emotional dominance over your partner. While some women do enjoy being submissive to their partners in every way, including emotionally, many more women enjoy being on the same level as their partner in this respect. In this section, however, reading between the lines gives you excellent information no matter who you are or what you and your partner like or don’t like. Daniel suggests that men need to be emotionally available to their partners and let them know how they feel, without fear of rejection. This will serve to work in your favor, as your partner will be able to emotionally connect with you as well and sex becomes that much more powerful and pleasurable.

All in all, the Sex God Method guide’s salty topics can be broken down into one simple message, and the true secret to becoming a sex god. Having a smaller penis or believing that you don’t have the sex skills to please a woman isn’t the key to sexual mastery, but rather, sexual confidence is.

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