The Virtuoso Lover Review

The Virtuoso Lover, written by renowned love and romance author Michael Webb, is a complete, 3 book guide that will take you from being simply “okay” or “good” in bed to being absolutely excellent! Build your sex skills from square one or add finesse to your current sexual repertoire. An easy to read, comprehensive guide that will allow you to hone your sexual talents and truly become a master of sex.

The Good

The Virtuoso Lover is a complete guide on how to become a better lover. Not only does it include the philosophies behind great sex and how to become a great lover, it also includes two books on excellent tips and techniques to get you started. That said, Michael reminds us several times during the guide that actual tricks and techniques are not what make a great lover. Read all 3 books within the guide and you’ll be armed with comprehensive information on how to have amazing sex and become stunning in bed.

The Bad

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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Those looking for a simple guide full of techniques will easily be turned off by the lack of actual tricks in book one. The background information contained within book one is an extremely important step in learning how to become a great sex partner, but you may find yourself tempted to skip ahead a little bit to the actual how-to instructions. Resist the urge to read right past the chapters on sexual programming and common sex mistakes, because you’ll actually find that a lot of that information will completely change your outlook on sex, thereby completely revamping your sex life.

The Bottom Line

The Virtuoso Lover is a great all-in-one guide to becoming an awesome lover. This book certainly doesn’t disappoint, whether you’re looking to do a complete overhaul of your sex life or if you just want to pick up a few excellent tips here and there. The Virtuoso Lover is definitely one book you’ll want to save to reference back to again and again. As you move through your sexual journey, you’ll find more use for it than you ever had, especially as you get better and better at sex and need new and exciting things to try!

The Full Virtuoso Lover Review

Michael starts The Virtuoso Lover off with an introduction on how to get the most out of the information contained within. Many books containing great sex tips and advice fall short here, because a number of people just aren’t sure how to use the information they’re being given about sex. One of the most powerful pieces of advice in The Virtuoso Lover is this: “The biggest sex secrets are not moves, tricks or techniques – they are specific mindsets, beliefs and mental programming.” Your attitude towards sex has much more to do with how good you are in bed than you really think.

The guide dives right into the gritty stuff, introducing sexual programming and how each one of us has a different set of beliefs and ideas towards sex. Michael teaches us how to find our own custom sexual programming blueprint by asking ourselves sets of questions that has shaped us sexually. Michael shows us exactly why our brains – the most important sexual organ of the body – are pretty much completely in charge of our sexual experiences, right down to what we expect sexually of other people and how receptive we are to certain types of sexual gratification.

The Virtuoso Lover also gives some simple, yet powerful wisdom on the real secrets to enjoying sex. Being fully engaged in sex, focusing on your partner’s pleasure as well as your own and really knowing what you enjoy sexually are extremely effective at taking sex from “blah” to absolutely “wow!” Of course, one of the biggest problems sex-wise between men and women is just that – they’re very different! Men are completely different sexual creatures than women and they often don’t respond to the same things. Michael realizes that while the differences between men and women emotionally and socially may cause problems for a couple’s sex life, he also realizes (and teaches) that these differences can actually be made to work for you and not against you.

Foreplay is absolutely essential to a successful sexual relationship and that knowledge is not lost in The Virtuoso Lover. While the chapter on foreplay lacks some actual foreplay suggestions, the “why” behind it is a fascinating and enlightening read. You definitely won’t want to miss out on the benefits that foreplay – and lots of it – can offer you and your partner sexually.

Each person’s sexual journey is different, but Michael reminds us that one thing is pretty much the same between everyone: no one taught us how to have sex and they especially didn’t teach us how to have sex well. Many men and women turn to pornography to learn how to have sex, but this will only serve to make your sex life worse, not better. The Virtuoso Lover, however, points out the many sexual mistakes that men and women make, and how de-programming yourself to stop making these mistakes will greatly improve how good you are in the sack.

The second book in The Virtuoso Lover starts off with a bang and you right into step by step techniques on how to please your partner from head to toe. Michael warns against trying too hard and of going straight for the gold. In fact, many of the great techniques contained in the second part of The Virtuoso Lover don’t have anything to do with the vagina or clitoris at all. About halfway through, however, Michael announces the book’s foray into the pleasure to be had down south with a vibrant, “Welcome to the Vulva!” These are the tips that advanced lovers may want to skip ahead to.

Two quite large chapters on the clitoris and g-spot tell you how important these two spots are on a woman’s body, and after reading these sections, you won’t be wondering what to do with the clitoris or where exactly the g-spot is. Michael ties up the second installment of The Virtuoso Lover with a comprehensive look at a woman’s orgasm from how it happens to how it sometimes won’t happen and why.

The third and last book in The Virtuoso Lover guide is more about advanced techniques and philosophies that should definitely wait until you’ve mastered many of the principles in the first two books of the guide. From sex positions to dirty talk, Michael finishes up the mini-series with just about everything else you need to know about how to become great at sex, whether you’re new at it or have been doing it for years.

The Virtuoso Lover is definitely a long read, so it’s not one you’ll want to sit down with and try to read “cover to cover.” Instead, take some time out to read and absorb a few of the principles in the guide, putting them into play soon after learning them. You can always go back to the guide and grab a few more pieces of the puzzle and start adding them to your sexual repertoire until you’ve literally become a sex master.

Of course, what ebook wouldn’t be complete without some amazing bonus materials? Michael certainly doesn’t let us down here, and has given us five incredible bonus books to only further add to your knowledge about how to fully and completely pleasure your partner.

Sex All Around The House

One way that sex gets old fast is doing it in the bed over and over and over. So you don’t have a ton of money to spend in a hotel room or anything, but you don’t have to! This lovely little companion book tells you hundreds of different ways you can turn your house into a sex playroom! You may have thought of doing it on the couch a few times, but Sex All Around The House definitely takes it to the next level.

How To Make It Bigger, Stronger And Last Longer

No matter how many sex skills and techniques you learn, it won’t help you a whole lot if you haven’t got much stamina to keep going with. If you have a short or thin penis or are a premature ejaculator, Michael includes a book that will help give you the skills you need to take control over your sex life with 100% all natural ways to enlarge and thicken the penis, as well as helping you to last longer in the sack.

Sexy Coupons

You’ve probably heard of giving your partner sexy coupons for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift, but what about just giving coupons to your partner just because? Included with all the other great bonus items you get with The Virtuoso Lover, you’ll get a booklet of coupons you can leave under your partner’s pillow or in their car to get them thinking about what you want to do to them all day.

How To Give Your Partner Great Massages

Massages are a great way to get your partner to loosen up and relax before sex. One of Michael’s most important tips to giving your partner the greatest pleasure (and getting the best pleasure in return) is to help your partner to relax and put the day’s stress behind them. This companion book will teach you massage basics so you can melt her muscles and make her putty in your hands.

101 Romantic Ideas

Romance is many times the only prelude to sex, so if you don’t know how to romance a woman, you’re not getting very far with her in bed no matter how many awesome techniques you know. Go from being good in the sack to being an amazing lover in every sense of the word. Romance her and sweep her off her feet and make the sex that much better! 101 Romantic Ideas will definitely take you to the next level.

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