Turn Her On Faster Review

Did you know that 15% of married couples have not had sex in the last 6 months to a year?

Did you know that 90% of women prefer spontaneous sex over planned intimacy?

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Turn Her On Faster boasts some very interesting and enlightening facts about sex in a long term relationship or marriage. While dating casanovas will find this book handy too, it’s really written for the man in the steady relationship who wants to experience the best sex possible with someone he completely loves and trusts. From initiating sex to oral sex positions and dirty talk, Turn Her On Faster shows you exactly what to do to make your partner weak in the knees.

The Good

Turn Her On Faster is an incredibly well put together guide. Available in both vertical and horizontal formats, each section is well organized and easy to read. In fact, this may very well be one of the most visually engaging and well put together e-books on the market today. There are many different aspects to what turns on a woman, and Turn Her On Faster doesn’t miss a one of them.

Guys who truly want to learn how to rock a girl’s world through foreplay will find this guide absolutely indispensable. One of the best features is the quiz at the end of each chapter – men who want to get the most out of this book will enjoy writing the answers to these questions and exploring their own feelings about the different aspects of foreplay and female arousal.

The Bad

Honestly, there is not much bad to say at all about Turn Her On Faster. It’s a comprehensive guide that goes over everything that is important if you want to have great foreplay with your lover. Guys who were expecting a “cheat sheet” that would give them a three step formula for giving women wild orgasms aren’t going to find it here – there are many facets to turning a woman on before sex and Turn Her On Faster goes over all of them. Reading and fully understanding this guide is definitely something that won’t happen overnight – but it is so worth the time spent studying it.

The Bottom Line

Turn Her On Faster is one of the best “female arousal” books out there. Gabrielle Moore has a way of introducing important information in a way that is easy to understand, without skimping on essential need to know facts. A quick glimpse through this guide will definitely give you some handy pointers, while an in depth read will turn you into the king of foreplay! You’ll learn step by step how to seduce and arouse your lover through mental, emotional and physical stimulation. If you want to sweep your lover off her feet and give her the most romantic, intimate, sensual and INCREDIBLE sex she’s ever had, Turn Her On Faster is THE guide you want to get.

The Full Turn Her On Faster Review

What You’ll Learn In Turn Her On Faster:

  • How to BREAK OUT of your current boring sex routine
  • New sex initiation techniques that will make her WANT you like never before
  • How to simply ask for sex – and get it!
  • How to be in the moment
  • The importance of taking your time during foreplay
  • How stress can contribute to thwarted passion in the bedroom
  • How to share your sexual fantasies with your lover – and get her to share hers with you
  • Why you CAN’T tell how turned on she is by how wet she is
  • How to get your lover to want to give YOU oral sex!


The art of bodymapping allows you to discover the hot spots that are unique to your partner – because every woman is different. Some of the things that turn one women on will turn another on, but not all of them. The same goes for turn-offs – there are some general turn offs that apply to most women, but each woman has her own unique set of turn ons and turn offs. Bodymapping allows you to “map” where your lover’s erogenous zones are, so you can create your own custom foreplay plan. Turn Her On Faster features a well fleshed out section on bodymapping, so you can fully understand how to do it and how to use the results to your advantage when you start seducing your lover.


In Turn Her On Faster, you’ll learn how to kiss a woman in such a way that her knees will turn to jelly and she’ll do anything you want! This section includes easy to follow, step by step instructions that will make you the kissing expert your lover never thought you could be!


Something that is completely unique to Turn Her On Faster is it’s short but very effective guide on breast stimulation. Many foreplayinstruction products out there assume that all women’s breasts are the same and can be stimulated the same way. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Gabrielle Moore goes into detail about how to stimulate each type of breast, including large ones, small ones, droopy ones and fake ones. What your partner’s anatomy is like will dictate which breast stimulation techniques will feel best to her.

What Else You’ll Get In Turn Her On Faster:

  • Several different oral sex positions you can use to spice things up
  • Lots of polls that let you know what the majority of what other couples say about topics like watching porn, public sex and threesomes
  • What a woman’s body does when she’s aroused, so you know when to make your next move
  • How to use food to seduce your lover (this section is organized by seasonal foods)
  • How to prevent premature ejaculation during extended foreplay sessions

All in all, if you want to learn how to seduce your female partner and get her so wet and ready for sex that she’s BEGGING you to take her, Turn Her On Faster is your must have guide. It’s organized and easy enough to understand that even guys who don’t want to go trudging through a ton of written information to learn how to make their girl melt will enjoy reading and learning about how to be a foreplay master.

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