4 Anal Sex Exercises For Increased Pleasure TODAY!


Anal sex can painful when your girlfriend or wife is not prepared. The anus is a short button-like piece of soft tissue, at the end of the intestinal system. It’s lined with tissue and muscle that connects it to the clitoral network, and it’s densely packed with nerve endings which make it extremely responsive to light touch and deep pressure.

The bad news is that it’s not very elastic compared to the vagina. It also contains no natural lubricant, which means it’s important to take anal sex gradually, to avoid skin getting cut or split.

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Surrounding the pink, wrinkled button of happiness are two rings of muscle, the internal and external sphincters, which tighten up to keep the anus closed and relax to release bowel contents. You control the external sphincter, meaning that you can tighten and relax it at will. These exercises are perfect to employ before first time anal sex.

In order for your girl to be more relaxed and anal penetration easier for the both of you, it’s important that she works those
muscles. If you want, you can also do them. In the case of men, they are very helpful when it comes to controlling your ejaculation and increasing erection capacity.

1. Squeeze And Hold

As you slowly inhale, contract your PC muscles (if you haven’t yet found them, just pretend you want to stop peeing; the muscles that contract in order to stop the flow of urine are your PC muscles). Keep the rest of the body relaxed, especially your shoulders.

Hold your breath (and contract your muscles) the time that it takes you to count up to ten, then slowly exhale and gradually relax the tension in your muscles. Do the exercise ten times. If you find them too tiring at first, don’t overdo it. It’s just like with sports, you have to start gradually so that you don’t tire or get clammed up.

2. Squeeze And Push

Start in the same way I described above, but hold your breath and contract the PC muscles the time that is takes you to count up to five. The next five seconds, exhale deeply while pushing out your muscles, like when you poop. Repeat ten times.

3. Quick As A Bird

This exercise is a little more difficult than the previous two. The beginning is the same, the difference is that, this time, while you’re holding your breath, try and quickly relax and contract your PC muscles five times. Start with just five repetitions, so that you don’t tire the muscles, then gradually move up to ten repetitions.

4. Back And Forth

This exercise is only meant for your girlfriend or wife, and it involves all of her down there parts. Here’s what she has to do:
as she slowly inhales, she should tighten both her anus and the muscles inside her vaginal canal, one by one from the opening, all the way back to her cervix. She should stay like that for a maximum of five seconds, then, as she slowly exhales, she can release the pressure first off the vaginal muscles, then off her anus. Repeat the exercise ten times.

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