3 Simple Steps To Orgasmic Anal Sex


Anal sex can be fun, naughty and super hot if you do it right. Here are three easy ways to make sure your anal sex experience is completely incredible!

1. Start With Just The Tip Of Your Penis

Once she’s lubed up and ready to go, start by inserting just the tip of the penis. First, press your penis against the anus, applying pressure. Slowly slide the tip up to the first joint. Stay still. You’ll feel the ring of muscles around the anus tighten and relax. Don’t move your penis, just let the muscles work.

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When they relax again, remove it slowly and then insert it again. Tell her to try and open her anus by pushing her anal muscles outward while you penetrate. She should also make sure she’s breathing deeply during the insertion.

Using just the tip is a way to tease and build arousal before further penetration or engulfment. You can explore this with slow or quick movements, and everything in between. Try different angles and sex positions to find out how this feels best for both of you.

2. Move Gradually And Slowly

Gradually working your way to full penetration is a much more skilful and exciting way to approach this. Thus you increase sexual tension, get your energies and emotions more in touch with each other, and delight in the subtleties of the bouquet of sensations. Going slow and gradual also creates a sense of safety, which helps immensely with arousal and lubrication for women, providing a much more luscious experience for you both.

Advance centimeter by centimeter, slowly pulling out and pulling in after each move forward. Don’t go all the way in at first, in fact, many people don’t ever go all the way in. It all depends on her response, naturally.

3. Begin To Go Faster (When She’s Ready!)

If she’s not tired or resistant and she wants you in completely, grab the chance. Once you’re all in, stand motionless for a few seconds, giving the muscles time to relax and become accustomed with their foreign guest. After they do, it’s time you surrender yourself to the dance of thrusting motions.

However, keep in mind that the anus is not the vagina’s twin sibling, and go at it with careful consideration, paying attention to how her body responds. Hard action isn’t for everybody; she must be emotionally and physically ready for that kind of sex play.

Hot Tip: Experiment with the penis in the anus and a thumb or a sex toy in the vagina. Double orgasm is on the menu!

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