How To Get Through First Time Anal Sex


Anal sex is something women tend to either love or hate. If you have decided that you’re going to do it for the very first time, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Being prepared for your first time with it is essential to doing everything right and keeping your body safe.

Anal sex can be very pleasurable when done the right way. When it’s done the wrong way you could wind up at the hospital. Here is a short guide to get your prepped for your first time with this special sexual activity.


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The muscles inside your anus are designed to contract and expand. If you are not relaxed while having anal sex it’s going to hurt a lot. You need to learn how to relax your anal muscles before your partner inserts his penis or a sex toy. Take a breath and practice relaxing your anus before you begin. There are two muscles that will be used during anal.

The first muscle is the external sphincter. The second muscle is the internal sphincter. You will be able to relax your external sphincter quite easily. However, the internal sphincter is more reactionary. Focus on being relaxed and it will not hurt as much the initial penetration.

Consider An Enema

Under most normal circumstances, anal sex is not that messy. However, there are certain instances where it can be a very bad situation. Using an enema before you have anal sex is recommended. Even if you have normal bowel movements, there is a cleanliness factor.

Making sure that your anus is clean and that your partner will not come out with feces on his fingers or penis is essential. An enema will keep you clean and will make the process a lot more spontaneous.

Bacterial Safety

There are bacteria in your anus that can be dangerous to your vagina. Before you have anal sex, make sure that your partner understands that he can’t go from your anus to your vagina. This is essential to keeping infections at bay. If your partner wants to go from your anus to your vagina, make sure that they change out the condom or wipe down their penis and hands with disinfectant.

Use Lube!

You need a lot of lubricant during your first anal experience. Get the big bottle from the grocery store or from an adult sex shop. Lubrication is going to make the experience much more enjoyable as there will be a lot less resistance when you or your boyfriend penetrates your anus. Use the entire bottle if needed and make sure that you’re buying water based lubricant.

Water based lubricants work well for all types of penetration, but they are really good for anal sex. Have your boyfriend use his finger to lube up your anus before he puts his penis in. This will help you gauge how big of an object you can take.

Getting Ready For Penetration

So now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, it’s time for the big show. When you’re having anal sex for the first time it’s natural to be scared. Having something shoved up your butt can be terrifying. If you have followed the guidelines thus far then you should have nothing to worry about. Have your partner apply the lube to your anus and his penis.

Even if he’s using a lubricated condom he should pour a lot of lube on his penis. Choose the position that you want to use. Doggy style works well, but an elevated missionary style can also work well. Place a pillow under your butt for the elevated missionary style. Have your partner enter your anus slowly and with just the tip of his penis. Make sure that he is going slowly.

If you feel the need to make a number 2, resist. This is normal. Relax your muscles and your anus should start to get used to the penis. Have your partner slowly go deeper and deeper until he is in as far as he can go or until you start to feel uncomfortable.

Anal sex is a great way to keep things interesting in the bedroom. It is recommended that you follow all of these guidelines before you have anal sex for the first time. If you do not feel comfortable after your first time, don’t be discouraged. It takes time to get acquainted with anal sex. Once you have done it a couple of times your anus will get used to the sensation and you will start to feel the pleasure.

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