Learn The Forbidden TRUTH About Anal Sex & How You Can Make It HOT!


Do you wish you could have anal sex with your partner? 

Have you tried it before, only to watch your lover shrink away in pain? 

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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Do you fantasize about putting it in your lover’s backdoor, even though she won’t let you do it?

If anal pleasure is your thing, but you haven’t had the opportunity to have INCREDIBLE anal sex with your partner, your life is about to change.

Believe it or not, anal sex is one of the most INTENSE, SEXUALLY CHARGED experiences you can ever give your lover or experience yourself. Almost every couple tries it at least once, but many don’t stick with it because they’re just not doing it right. It CAN be comfortable and it can be incredibly pleasurable – but only if you’re following the right guidance.

Are the right tips out there for free on the Internet? Maybe. But who knows what is really out there? You could try something someone suggests online and wind up in the emergency room!

Gabrielle Moore, bestselling author of guides on female orgasms, foreplay and sex positions, covers the topic of anal pleasure and gives you the information that has been FORBIDDEN for so long!

You can trust that THESE are the tips you want to use and have confidence that when you follow these guidelines, you’re going to have pleasurable and orgasmic anal sex!

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Anal Sex Is Common – It’s Just Not Talked About

Lots of people – even the world’s foremost sex experts – are afraid to cover the taboo topic of anal sex. In reality though, almost everyone’s tried it and a great deal of people continue to engage in it on a regular basis?

So why the heck is everyone so afraid of it?

Because if you do it wrong, you can really hurt yourself or someone else. 

So many sexual educators stay away from this topic to avoid the backlash if someone uses their tips and ends up getting hurt. Here’s the thing though – the lack of education on how to properly engage in anal sex is what is causing all the problems! 

Gabrielle Moore isn’t afraid to tackle this topic in Anal Pleasure For Her – in fact, she gives you EVERYTHING you need to know on how to make it a SAFE & PLEASURABLE experience for both you and your partner!

  • What if you only had to do 3 easy things to get your partner to agree to anal sex?
  • What if you could do it with NO PAIN for your lover?
  • What if you could make your partner CRAVE it all the time?

Why Anal Sex Can Be So Awesome

The truth is, the anus is absolutely jam-packed with pleasurable nerve endings, which can result in amazing, orgasmic pleasure when stimulated the right way. So your girl can definitely get off on anal sex! And most guys DREAM & FANTASIZE about it, but can never get it! The firm grip of the anus on a man’s penis can be more intense than any blowjob or traditional intercourse – so there are a LOT of men who want to do this. But they can’t, because their partners almost always say no!

All that is about to change!

You’re going to find out WHY your partner is saying no and how you can change her answer to “YES!” every single time you ask!

You’re going to get to know how to make it CLEAN and not messy at all!

Even if your lover is an anal sex virgin, you’re going to find out how to unleash her naughty side and her INNER FREAK and get her to LOVE it!

Gabrielle’s new sex guide, Anal Pleasure For Her, will reveal the top secrets that cause a woman to not want to engage in anal play, and how you can get past those for the most amazing sex you’ve ever had. The best part is, when you follow these guidelines, it’s going to be amazing for HER too!

What You’ll Get In Anal Pleasure For Her

  • The 7 BIGGEST lies about anal sex that you have been brainwashed to believe
  • How anal play can bring your sex life to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!
  • Why most guys’ #1 fantasy is anal play
  • The simplest, 3-step technique to get your girl to have anal sex with YOU!
  • Why it isn’t a “gay” thing
  • How to have PAIN FREE anal sex!
  • The 2 biggest reasons women don’t like it (it’s NOT what you think!)
  • What sex toys to use for pain-free, pleasurable orgasms!

What Else Will You Find In Anal Pleasure For Her?

  • What religion REALLY says about anal play (this is totally DIFFERENT than what you’ve been taught!)
  • Why orgasms during anal play are much more intense than any other orgasm you or your lover have experienced, ever!
  • Why anal play might be the missing piece in your sex life that you’ve looked so hard for
  • Why trust is such an important aspect of this sexual act
  • What kind of lube to use (this is a BIGGIE that most guys ignore! If you do, you can ruin everything!)
  • When NOT to try anal play & what to stay away from even if you like it (there are some things that are off-limits and you DON’T want to ignore them!)
  • EVERYTHING about anal sex that no one has ever told you!

Are you ready to say GOODBYE to a boring sex life forever?

Are you ready to give your lover more pleasure than she has ever experienced before?

Do you want to feel sex tighter than with any virgin?

Do you want to explode in your lover’s backdoor and have her enjoy it just as much as you?

If you want the secret to a SUPER HOT sex life and to have crazier, wilder sex than you ever have, then get Get Anal Pleasure For Her TODAY!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having incredibly hot, shuddering anal sex with your partner, there is no time to waste!

If you get this guide right now, you can convince your girl to do it with you TONIGHT!

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