Advanced Anal Sex Prep That Will Make The Experience Incredible!


Anal sex is requires a lot of preparation to avoid messes. In order for anal sex to be a pleasurable and sensational experience, you need to take care of a set of extensive preparations beforehand. You don’t want any setbacks to interrupt you from achieving that, do you? This chapter will shed light on the details that, if forgotten, might ruin an otherwise perfect experience.

Well Trimmed Nails

A not so perfect manicure is a no-go when it comes to any kind of sex, not just anal. With anal though, given the fact that the tissue of the anus and anal canal is much more delicate than that of the vagina, taking care of your nails before getting down to business is a very crucial factor.

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Chipped, dirty nails may tear the skin and cause unwanted infections. If you are planning to wear latex gloves, don’t think that this way you can save the money spent on a decent manicure. If your nails are too long or too irregular or pointy, they can tear through the latex, and even if they don’t, your girlfriend or wife might still feel them, which can cause tremendous discomfort.

Make sure you cut them really short and even, so that they are smooth and don’t get stuck through layers of skin during anal fingering.

Shaved Butt And Empty Bowels

As well versed as she might be when it comes to her pubic hair, given the fact that the anus is not in plain sight most of the time, she might not come prepared at this aspect. If you don’t mind the hairs surrounding her anus, then it’s absolutely no problem, but if you are planning on some analingus as well, you might want her to come forth with a shaved butt.

In this case, it will be more effective if you’re the one holding the razor, given the fact that she can’t really see her back parts, and can end up hurting herself. As long as you have the right tools – a good shaving cream (a non-irritating one would be perfect), a sharp razor and willingness and attention, the whole experience is not bound to last more than a few minutes and it’s a good first step that can be turned into anal foreplay.

However, if things don’t go as perfect as planned and she ends up with a few minor bruises, as superficial as they might be, don’t have anal penetration right away; there’s a good chance you’ll enhance her irritation.

As far as cleanliness inside her butt is concerned, as always, this matters more to some people than others. There are a few basic rules that shouldn’t be looked upon superficially though. The first one, she should have a bowel movement an hour or so before you two have anal sex, to ensure that nothing is encountered during any penetration, and then thoroughly bathe the area.

Bulb Enemas

This type of enema is filled and used in the same way that one uses an ear syringe to clean the wax out of one’s ears. You fill it by squeezing the air out of it, placing the tip under the surface of the container holding the solution and releasing the bulb, thus filling the syringe with solution.

The enema is administrated by inserting the tip into the rectum and squeezing the solution into the bowels. You can buy this type of enema at most local drug stores and give it to your girlfriend so that she can use it to her convenience.

Enema Bag/Hot water Bottle Enemas

Giving yourself an enema with an enema bag and plastic tubing (also called a fountain syringe) takes a little more skill. If your girlfriend or wife is not accustomed with the rules, hand her these instructions or offer to help before having sex.

Here’s what you have to do: you need an enema bag (which resembles a hot water bottle with a nozzle on the bottom), tubing, and a hook of some kind to hang the bag on (over either the toilet or the tub).

Lubricants And Condoms

It’s only in porn films that saliva and free-flowing love juices provide enough lubrication to fully enjoy anal sex. Non lubricated penetration causes friction of the worst kind and can tear the sensitive  tissue of the anus or the anal canal. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce a natural lubricant, only a sort of mucus, but that is definitely not enough.

Water Based

Lubricant comes in two forms: liquid-like (just like plain water, odorless, tasteless, non-staining and non-irritating) and jelly like (it preserves the same properties as the first one, the only difference is that this one has a thicker consistency, like hair gel for example). The first one is probably the most popular, though some people complain that it wears off too easily and you have to reapply it ever so often. My advice? Try them both and see which works best in your case.

Oil Based

The good thing about these ones: they don’t dry off like their water counterparts. The bad thing: they break down latex and pretty
much ruin your protection. Moreover, they don’t wash off as easily as the water based ones and can lead to serious infections.

Silicone Based

This is the best option for you because it lasts a long time, stays where you put it, and doesn’t evaporate- unlike water based lube- and it’s latex compatible- unlike oil based lube. As far as condoms are concerned, there are a few things that it’s imperative you know before having first time anal sex.

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