Best Anal Sex Tips Of 2010


Anal sex is an activity that lots of couples enjoy, including both men and women. It can create wonderful sensations for both partners if done safely (and with lots and lots of good lube). For women, anal stimulation can be a wonderful addition to oral sex or vaginal intercourse. Contrary to popular belief, many women truly do enjoy anal play with their partner or even with toys.

Anal stimulation can also be a great way for men to discover their prostate gland and have more powerful, earth shattering orgasms. Even though anal play has lots of great benefits, if proper safety precautions aren’t taken before engaging in the activity, it can have lots of drawbacks as well – almost all of which can be prevented with a little planning. The anus does not self lubricate, so a generous amount of a good sexual lubricant must be used at all times. Also, when experimenting with anal toys, it’s important to make sure they are designed specifically with safety in mind.

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Toys without a wide, flared base or ring on the end can get lost inside (this usually will require an embarrassing trip to the emergency room). This past year, we’ve found the information you need to not only make anal stimulation super pleasurable and fun, but also to keep it clean and safe. Check out our top “rear entry” techniques of 2010 so you can have fun well into the new year!

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