How To Surprise Your Man With Anal Sex And Make His Knees Weak!


Anal sex isn’t something you and your guy have tried, although he probably wants to. Amaze him with it, and you’ll be fulfilling his deepest fantasies.

Are You Ready For Anal Sex?

You’ve thought about trying it with your guy, but aren’t sure how you feel about it. So before you do this for him, think about how anal sex will affect you. Are you scared it will hurt? Are you nervous about making a mess? Calm your fears by reading about things you can do to make your adventure to the backdoor safer and more comfortable for you.

Getting Ready

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Start by masturbating with anal play a few times before trying it with your guy. Doing it alone for the first few times will not only help you get a leg up on the game before you’re expected to perform, it will also help you find out if this is really your cup of tea (and it may not be).

If you’ve never experimented with anal play before, don’t do any insertion at first. While you’re using your vibrator or your hand to massage your clitoris during masturbation, gently lay one finger next to your anus. Lightly rub it if it arouses you. Try different movements and see what feels best. Since you’re alone, you’re not worrying about what your partner is thinking or scared it will hurt. You’re in control here, so take advantage of it.

Beginning With Insertion

If you’ve made it this far and enjoy light anal stimulation while you’re masturbating, you’re ready to graduate to insertion. Start with your finger or a small butt plug and remember to use lots of lube. It will likely feel odd at first, so give your body time to relax and adjust. Another benefit to being alone is you have the freedom to react however you like, without being concerned about your partner’s thoughts and feelings about how you react.

Massage your anus with your finger or your sex toy, and allow the sphincter muscles to relax. This may take several minutes, so continue pleasuring yourself in other ways – this will help you relax even more. As you get continue to masturbate with anal play, you’re going to get more used to it – so when you finally do introduce it to your lover, he’ll be impressed how well you know your way around things!

Anal Sex With Your Partner

Tonight is the big night. You’re ready to surprise your lover with your new found passion for anal sex. Spend a few minutes by yourself first, with your favorite vibrator and a bottle of lube. Get yourself warmed up and work on relaxing your sphincter muscles.

After you’ve had plenty of foreplay and warm up time, let him penetrate your vagina a few times. Get your fill of it now, because you won’t want to switch back to vaginal sex after anal sex unless he’s wearing a condom (which is actually a very good idea for anal sex anyways) or he washes up first.

What you’re going to do is actually slip his penis in your anus without ever telling him you’re going to do it. This is, however, assuming that you’ve already confirmed with your partner that he’s into anal sex and is willing to try it. Don’t ever do this if your lover hasn’t consented first!

Make sure you’re either very wet or you’ve used a lot of lube. Part of the reason you massaged your anus before having sex with your partner is that you want to be ready for him to go right in – you want it to be a smooth transition and you want him to slide in easily, without effort. Make him believe you’re a pro! He’ll be shocked, and you’ll likely hear him gasp for air because of how tight you are – he wasn’t expecting it!

Tell Him How Much You Like It

So many guys finally get their girlfriends to try anal sex, only to be disappointed to end up with her shrinking away from him in pain. This is most likely due to men who fail to give their gals enough foreplay and warm up time, but c’est la vie. Show your guy how much you love it by grinding against him (if you can’t do this, you haven’t had enough time to relax) and tell him where and how to do it to turn you on. He’ll love that you suddenly turned into an anal sex pro seemingly overnight!

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